Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

I know, I know.....I've been quite the slacker lately. Sorry to all my friends out there in blogger land. It's this whole not having a home computer thing. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

I know there is lots happening out there that is just begging for my commentary. Since I have been MIA for so long I'm just going to do a little recap.

Here are a few of my thoughts on this lovely Thursday afternoon!

Oh, where to start, where to start, where to start.....

I guess I'll go with the obvious. I can't help myself with this one. The Steeler Gods are condemning me to eternal hell.

Sorry, but this was just too good.

Thanks to Ginny over at That's Church.

And how about that Terry Bradshaw. What a guy. I wasn't a big lover back in the day, but now I just love him. I love that he plays stupid. And he's ok with that. Yeah, he's stupid as a fox! This man is no dummy.
I can't recall where I heard it, but on one interview he was saying something to that fact that does Ben really think these girls would be caught dead with either of them if they were just regular Joe's? Right on Terry.

Next up, Jane Orie. I'm not going to say too much because I've already covered her here.
But, do we really have to say anything???? I'm thinking this picture says is all!

We were talking about her this past weekend. Gotta love Donna who hit the nail on the head with this comment. "Forget about arresting her for breaking the law. She should be arrested for that makeup!" One of the best lines of the weekend! One would have to look long and hard to find a more un-photogenic family.
Myself, I think she should be arrested for those nails. Really folks, who wears those nail and expects anyone to take them seriously?

I am sensing a recurring theme here. Opinions of mine that only need one picture to say it all.

Us Anger Management Girls went on our first "Retreat" this past weekend. OMG. We must be getting old. Instead of our heads hurting from a little too much to drink, our jaws hurt from laughing. Really, I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.

I just have one thing to say. My crazy friend wore her damn snugly all weekend. She wore it down by the lake when she was Moses, parting the seas. And she wore in in the picture below when she was Our Lady Of The Lake. I can't look at it without hearing her say "The snugly and American Idol are ruining her sex life." I'm not saying another word!!

And what's up with the Pope? Now before you all go calling me anti-catholic, I'm about as catholic as one can get. Catholic Grade School, HS, College, Grad School. Remember, I used to dress up like a nun and walk the streets. And how about that time I went to buy medals and the Nun's were trying to get me join their order? Plusssss, I was on the alter with the Pope for cryin' out loud.
Having said that, He's pissing me off. ducking to avoid lightening bolts I have a real problem with the 200 deaf kids that no one stood up for. This is really, really bothering me.

Enough on that.

Being a Maryland fan (The Madonna makes me by giving me shitloads of free stuff!I'm still pissed Duke won the national basketball championship. How about that Butler? What a bunch of cuties. If that last shot would have gone in, the place would have gone crazy!!! So would my dad and my kids.
This might be mean, but again, I can't help myself. I have never in my life seen an uglier bunch of white boys than Duke's basketball team. Again ducking the lightening bolts. I felt like I was watching the Arian National Basketball team.

Lets see......what did I miss. It's been so long.

I'm not even going start on the whole tea-baggers and Sarah Palin stuff. They had to bring her in on a row boat. That's the only song they can remember all the words to......

And just think, the Health Care Bill had been in effect (or is it affect? Damn I wish I would have paid attention to Sr. Angela) for how long now and last I looked, we still had a county. The world didn't end. How about that????

I'm going to start praying to St. Charles Borromeo for a new computer so I could post more often. He is the Patron Saint of computer users. I swear I am not making this up!

Maybe I shouldn't have dissed the Pope!!

Or I can always pray to Our Lady Of The Lake!


Anonymous said...

We also had a great discussion at the retreat about men's wearing of briefs after a certain age. They should be carded at Walmart. Bosers or busted. (My ex would have gotten a fake id! ) the beginning of the end. Never bought news ones. thinning key areas, ewwww! Boxers or Busted!

Judi said...

Thank God you are back to inject some intelligent humor and perspective into my life! I was worried you were home holding your head--overwhelmed by WHAT to blog about....there's just so much! Sex, lies, football, golf, bad hair, scarey manicures, ugly women, politics, tea bagging, Palining, bad shoe choices, make up gone amuk, Pope stuff....OMG....there's just so much!
Bless you, my friend....

Anonymous said...

Eileen, you are so funny. I just love your blog. Keep it up, you keep me up on current events. Cheryl B