Thursday, June 18, 2009

Send In The Clowns

So I'm watching some news show the other night and this crazy person comes on and I can't tell you one word of what she was talking about because I was obsessed with how crazy looking she was.

I think to myself "who the fuck is this nut."

I watched until the end when they said thank you to Jane Orie, Pennsylvania Majority Whip. Republican (DUH!) McCandless. And, get this she loves Sara Palin. Surprise, surprise!!

Good Lord Sweet Jesus, who elects these people? (I know, I know!)

And, of course she gets tips on her nails????? Seriously people, would you take any person seriously who had Christmas tree's on her nails????? I mean they are fine for Christmas week and stuff, but not on official State business for cryin' out loud! You are representing me, GET RID OF THE NAILS!

New rule: When you become an elected government official NO FAKE NAILS! AND NEVER, EVER should anyone, male or female be allowed to wear animal print in the Senate chambers.
And sweetie, do yourself a favor. Take a vacation from the plastic surgeon. Maybe that time would be better spent finding a new hair stylist!

And the Republicans wonder why they are in trouble??????Seriously, they don't know??? Come on' they really really don't know???? Look, they have this woman and Rush speaking for them. Pleeeeaaaassseeeee!

Seriously, I couldn't tell you what she was talking about I was fixed on her ugly yellow suit, crazy nails and bad botox.

My eyes hurt, I think I am going blind from all that bling!!!

*I wish I could have found a picture of her from the other night wearing the crazy suit and nails. Hilarious.

I think that dirty look she's shooting in the top picture is directed at me. Ya think?


Nance said...

I have fake nails and now I'm all paranoid...but I'm not a Republican so I guess that's my saving grace. Hee!

Judi said...

Ah, I don't know, Eileen. This woman looks like she could actually be one of my friends....LOL!!! And, I think I have those leopard print thing. I didn't realize Republicans had such style....;-)
Maybe it's my fake nails, my penchant for wearing animal prints and my bling that gets me into trouble at the office. Those sweater-set, simple jewelry wearing, helmet hair colleagues just don't seem to "get me". Well, at least I can say this about myself--at least I have good taste and know a thing or two about how to apply eyeliner. And, one more thing--I know exactly what shoes to wear with my clothes.
I never knew what Jane Orie looked like and I have no idea what she stands for. I'm gonna have to watch out for her---to check out her fashions!!
Oh the pix where she is making that mean face at YOU---that's the hairdo Angela and I wore in the 90's! Ooops...I mean, St. Angela...

zelzee said...


And they just keep getting re-elected and re-elected!!!

Go figure!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Now I'm not saying one shouldn't wear fake nails or dress in leopard pattern clothes,(I wore a wonderful leopard jacket at a wedding last month)
I'm just saying not on the Senate floor!
Dress appropriately for work if you want to be taken seriously.

Judi, you always look fabulous! Just the right balance between fashionable and tastful.

Funny thing, I showed her picture to my boss he asked who she was and before I could answer he said "she looks like one of those crazy reublicans!)

Judi said...

Hey E....
If you REALLY REALLY want to convo more on the LB.....I'm your girl.
Especially after you say such flattering things about me...being fashionable and tasteful and all.
We could do lunch....I'm only footsteps away from you! Or, meet for drinks....
You decide!