Monday, May 21, 2007

Free Seminar---How to get your name on the deed by the third date.....

Anger Management Girls are in for a rare treat.
You are all invited to a free seminar by popular speaker ”Victoria’s Biggest Secret”

Come to this free seminar and you'll learn how to get your name on his deed by the third date.

**As an added benefit, the first 20 to RSVP for this popular speaker will get info on how to get on a cell phone plan after only one date.

It's conveniently located at 910 Bellfonte Street in the heart of downtown Shadyside. (One block behind Doc's)
This popular speaker formally known as "Through the Tubes" has mesmerized audiences around the city.

Some of her more popular seminars include:
 Pole dancing on "Two Buck Chuck" at graduation parties.
 Boob sleeping in a crowded bar
 How to ask for car keys politely, 60 times a minute.
 And a Anger Management Favorite: How to avoid kissing people like bad Georgie in Mardi Gras.
 She is also the author of the best seller: "Me and My Gard"

Testaments to her popularity:
Cornbread from Carnegie writes: After hearing her seminar on two buck chuck, we now offer it in our bar and had to reinforce the polls.

Only joking, I am going to pay dearly for this post. It’s just that she has such a great sense of humor, it’s hard not to give her a hard time……..

This week’s anger management will be at Kathy’s lovely new home
@ 910 Bellfonte Street.
We are going to have drinks there first, around 7:00.Then maybe we will head to Cappy’s later.
See you all Thursday. Maybe she can give us all some pointers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God know's I can use them.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . oh yes, payback is an angry bitch! lol .. as I can recall, someone will be 50 soon. . hmmm.. .

Yes, everyone will learn and for all those that attend, I just might reveal "Victoria's Biggest Secret ever!!