Sunday, January 13, 2008

We're more than a bunch of pretty faces! Don't you think?

Sex Towels??????
I'm not going to say another word on those subjects.

It took me three days to try to decipher conversations from Thursday fit to print for a mixed audience. So folks, I'm not going there.

But this got me thinking, when did my life take such a different turn, huh, just when?
OK, one day, I am wearing queer ass holiday sweaters from Talbot's. Making wreaths for my front door for every holiday. And my goal was to be the best snack mother in my son's homeroom. I kid you not. In my other life, I used to make sure I was first sign-up mother for snacks in September. I used to make sure I got the last day before Christmas, Halloween, etc...which were the kids class party days.I used to make individual gingerbread boys and girls (homemade) and write, with icing every single girl and boys name on them. Yes, I had way too much time on my hands. Well, maybe not, I just concentrated on different things.
I won't even mention the time I woke up at 5:00AM to make penguins out of olives to take to school at 7:30AM.
So for the better part of 25 years. I was a mom, wife, snack mother, get it.

So, when did things turn???
I never even swore for Christ sake.

Then there are our Thursdays!!!!
I discuss things with a bunch of woman I never even knew 5 years ago.
Sometimes the subject turns and we talk of things I wouldn't have even thought about in my past life, let alone say out loud.

As everyone knows, I was married for 25 years. Three of the five guys that I went passed kissing on the lips are dead.(Should I admit that? Should someone warn Mr.B's 20-something girlfriend?Maybe she could have him up his life insurance. It would be for her own good, after all.)

Talk about the "Kiss of Death". I really shouldn't be joking about such things,oh well, humor always got me past the most difficult things in my life. You got to laugh folks.(Esp. at myself)
Anyway,what I'm trying to say here is, I'm not real experienced in some things.
I'm not saying my life is bad, just different, way, way different.

That being said, I love our Thursday nights. Most Friday mornings my cheeks hurt from laughing and my throat hurts from screaming.
We are a bunch of woman from all walks of life who somehow connect.
We have alot more differences than things in common.
We are all different ages: 30-60
Marital Status: Married, engaged, widowed,divorced, single,loser (ME)
Professions: Students, housewives, Judge Judy, Dean's, social workers, educators,professionals and non professionals alike.
Health nuts and those of us who just eat way too much nuts.
Liberals and Conservatives, and those who don't know the difference and could care less.
Thing is, we aren't even angry.
Well, most of us anyway, ok, so I'm a little bitter (blame it on that whole kiss of death thing).
Someone once told us we were the happiest group of angry woman they ever met.
Men think we just get together to bash them. We don't. Most times they don't even come up, But when they do...............
I keep wanting to do a chart on where everyone came from and who's connected, but somehow never get around to doing it. One of these days.
We keep trying to change our name to something nicer, but AMG just keeps sticking, just like we do!

If anyone needs some old lady Holiday sweaters, I donated a ton to Goodwill....

Things that Burned Me Up this week:
1. Getting up and going to work this past Friday......OK Girls, I feel your pain. I had to sit at a dental conference for 8 hours. The speakers were so boring.
Why do they have conferences? Maybe it's just me, I've never really gotten a thing out of them. The speakers are usually so corny. They have the personalities of a brick wall and try to be funny. Uh, sorry, you're not.
Maybe I should try going to a writing conference, these wouldn't be so painful to read.
2. I STILL do not have heat in my car. Brrrrr.
3. Tom Brady still has use of both his hands. Really, how hard can it be to break ones hands, how about just a thumb? It was easy enough for Tony Soprano, how come so hard for hundreds of NFL players.

How about we try Ryans Pub on Forbes and Braddock in Regent Square this Thursday.
It's somewhere different.
If anyone wants to drive with me. Meet me at Mardi Gras around 7:30.

Coming attractions
: We are going to that Ceramic Place on Penn Ave 1/31. She is letting us bring our own alcohol.(Did anyone warn her?)
More details to follow.
Maybe we can make some towel racks for those "Show Towels"
Or razor holders?

Also, even though I hate to admit it, Erin is leaving us. (That is, if Tom finds her!) So we have to have a grand send off. We can talk about that on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify...not all of the shaver crowd present last week go completely bare, there are trimmers in the group.

Anonymous said...

Is the woman in the blog picture using a sex towel, a guest towel, or an everyday towel?????

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

How perfect is the picture? From the looks of it, she's doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing. Those of us who were there know what kind of towel she's using!!
Regarding the shaving thing. I've been taking an informal pool all week. It's really split right across age lines. Over 40 you don't, under 40 you do.(except Kathy, of course!! But she's always the exception)
I am still cracking up over the course the conversations took the whole night. Poor people in the next table.

lolita said... I will just leave it at...I miss thursday nights!!!! thanks for the amazing laughs...and on the subject of shaving....some over 40's do!!!! we are those crazy ones everyone tries to stay away from!!! lol...I love all of you...I will update my blog over the weekend about this first week of school.

Mrs Depp said...

Anyone see the cover of this months Rolling Stone Magazine?? It is a shameit didn't work out between him and I but I have no regets.

Mrs Depp said...

A review of last night. The place was a little out of the way for us crossing two maybe three zip code areas but it was worth the effort. The place was not crowded or too loud. We were the loud ones.There was an abundant assortment of fried foods to be tasted and I think we tried a fair sampling of them. Best yet a huge sign stated they didn't fry things in trans fat, which is always a bonus. The wait staff was pleasant and attentive and even provided separate checks. But someone should have warned us about the ejector seat. The Mayor was ejected out of the bar quicker than Haley's Comet. We were left to wonder what happened. What did happen??

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

I think I'm keeping this one a secret, it's way too much fun. I can't believe you girls were stalking me!!!!
Let's just say I was using someone's towels, not saying who's or which kind!!!!!