Sunday, April 06, 2008


Just a few things that got me all "Fired Up" this weekend.

First on the list: This morning I was driving to the cemetery with "Smokey the Guard Dog." As I was going up Frendship Ave. I saw a U-Haul truck, stopped, in the middle of the street. So I stopped because I couldn't get past. I had the car windows open because It was so nice out today (finally). I looked over to my left and this woman was getting out of her parked car yelling at the people in the U-Haul . She was saying that she is not going to move her car because there wasn't a nearby parking spot.
Now let me just go on record here. As you all know, I am not the nicest person on the face of this earth. (Shocking, I know) But really folks, I would never be this mean. She would not move her car so that her new neighbors could unload their truck without stopping traffic. What a bitch. I yelled to her "Geeze lady, you're mighty neighborly, aren't you? Hopefully someone will treat you the same way, and soon." I then yelled out to the poor kids moving in, "Welcome the the neighborhood"
Really, what a bitch.

Second up: A bunch of Jehovah Witnesses were in my neighborhood this morning. They knock on my door. I answer. They ask me what I think of when I hear the word Armageddon. I think for a moment. Then I answer "Scary religious people like you all in positions of power." I then closed the door.

Next: My old friend, and you all know who, out on the prowl again this weekend. Ughhhhhhh. No matter how hard I try to suppress her, my sissy la la alter ego comes out. Damn her.

Finally: Charlton Heston died this weekend. This news does not sadden me, at all. What a jerk.

A few misc. things: This Thursday we are celebrating Janice's birthday. Originally, she wanted to go to Sunnyledge. We quashed that thought. She can go sit by herself with the sissy bartender, AMGirls are not going there. No sir-ee. Not doing it.

Her second choice is Lot 17 on Liberty Ave. I think we all know where that is. (Sharon remember, it is not Lot 20.)

Mark your calenders Girls. Future Thursday Outings.

April 17th ---- Bro-hito's at Mardi Gras.
April 24th ---- Neid's on Butler Street.
May 22nd --- Pirate Game. Woo hoo!!

This has nothing to do with anything but did anyone else think back this Friday with all the news reports about the 40th anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King? God, what a weird time. I remember it like it was yesterday. The smoke filled sky. National Guard everywhere. Tanks. Riots. Still being afraid months later. I was 10 and for those of you born after or too young to remember. You can't even begin to imagine how crazy it was. Esp. if you lived in the city. Nothing that came after can begin to come close to what a crazy time that was.

Another thought that has absolutely nothing to do with anything: This afternoon I had the doors open. My young neighbors had the Pirate game blasting out on their deck. I smiled. Nothing reminds me of spring and "Good Memories" of my childhood as much as when I hear the Bucco's on the radio. Even if they suck.

Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to mention that has me all "fired up:" Fucking Hillary. I hate that bitch.
My Aunt has luncheons twice a year for all the ladies in our family. Very nice affairs at Oakmont Country Club. It's fun to just sit around and drink Champagne on a Sunday afternoon while catching up with cousins and aunts. Anyway, Aunt Patsy told Ginny Ann to tell me not to bring up politics at the lunch.
Uh Yeah, that pretty much guarantees what I will bring up.......Just joking.....maybe!

See you all Thursday at Lot 17.'Round 8:00


Anonymous said...

How about the Map Room ?

She likes a place where people can mingle and are not "All in a Row"

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

That's fine. I thought she was the one who suggested Lot 17.
Who is this anyway?

Tired Of your Voice said...
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