Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another reason to celebrate--like I need one!

One Year.
121 Entries.
4024 hits.
From seven countries.
21 States. (Although they listed Budapest as a state, did I miss something?)
With regular readers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut among others.
Even a sissy la la bartender stalker who has checked this blog over 112 times. (As recently at 3:00 this afternoon-please get a life)
What does all this mean?

Why of course, it's my ONE YEAR BLOGAVERSARY !!
I've covered alot of topics. Some funny, some not.
You've listened to me bitch about my kids.
You've suffered through my vacation stories.
As well as my stories anticipating vacations.
From the Pope, to the Lake, to the Ocean.

You've listened to me bitch about my kids.

You've also put up with alot of my just plain gripping about nothing!
ok, so I was pissed off at the time!)
After rereading a few of these posts, I just think, why exactly was I pissed?

I've learned a few things writing this blog. It helps me when I pound these keys when I am angry about something. And usually, when I read it back a few hours later, I think, how silly. It was not that big a deal. And then I go on to something else. (If you think the stuff I publish is bad, you should see the stuff I decide not to!!) But truly, it does help.

You've listened to me bitch about my kids.

My life changed alot after Dan died. Some of my newer friends never had the pleasure of meeting him before he passed away. This blog has given them a peek into the crazy, wonderful character I lived with for 20 years. I think knowing what kind of man he was, explains alot of who I am today.
For the people who read that were his friends, I hope some of the posts bring a knowing smile to you face.
As well as help you understand why I bitch about my kids.

I've also learned that you put stuff out there in bloggerland and it's there forever. And hopefully the people who happen upon it know where you're coming from and have a sense of humor. Some people, unfortunately have neither. (see above)
You are welcomed into a world where I talk endlessly about my mother, religion, the Madonna, my cousins, and especially a lovely group of woman know as the Anger Management Girls. And you've endures the endless supply of inside jokes at their expense. Sorry.
But ya know the thing that amazes me the most.
It blows my mind to think all these people actually suffer week in and week out reading through my poor writing skills, pittsburgh-ese, and grammatically incorrect sentences.
Geez-oh-man, why didn't I listen to my English teacher, Sister Angela? And why did I sell my red Warner's Book of Grammar for $2.00? Maybe if I would have kept it like Ski did....................oh well. If only, If only, If only. Oh well, it's water under the damn.

Oh, I almost forgot, thank's for listening to me bitch about my kids!


Ms. B. said...

ok, ok you should have paid attention to the Madonna as well as Sister Angela. About above across after against among around at before beside between by during except for from into near of off on over through to toward under up with. and nat.

Judi said...

Happy Blogiversary! Happy Blogiversary! Do you hear me singing over there on your end of the tubes? I'm good....huh?

I do not want to put a damper on your party sweetie but I must tell you....(I'm whispering now)'re an excellent writer. (back to my regular voice now) How do I know this? Well, for starters, I have a degree in English. Yes I do. And I was going to be a great writer. Yes I was. And I don't read bad writing. No I don't. That's how I know.

Your blog is a fun, real read. Just like you!

As far as the kids....(I'm whispering again)....I never heard you bitch about them. Nope, I never did.

As far as Dan....I just figure...a relative of Angela's, married to you....gotta be a wonderful, crazy, wonderfully crazy guy. That's what I figure.

Keep blogging! Your world of fans await.

BTW--you really have an international following? Now that just pisses me off. It sure does. Why can't I have any foreigners? That's what I wanna know....

Where are you and the AMG girls tonight? That's what I want to know.


Jody V said...

Hi Eileen,

I follow your blog faithfully. I love it!! You have been through so much. You are an inspiration. Happy blogging for the next 30 years!

Jody V - An August Bandster with Judi!

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Ms. B,
As Harriet always said "No one like a show off."
Damn Madonna. Perfect in every way!

Judi and Jody V,
way, way too kind!