Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, you are no Hillary Clinton!

Ok, I'm sorry but this is just too too good to pass up.
What do you notice about the picture above?
Notice anything weird?
This is Sarah Palin at the starting line of the Iron Dog Race in Alaska.
So Alaska, I'm thinking is usually bitter cold. Especially noticing how all of the people in the picture are dressed except one.
The newly announced running mate of John McCaine.

OK, sorry. I can't type while laughing.
I'll try to stop.
OK. I'm done.
Where is her hat???????????/
Girl, you are in Alaska for Christ sake. It's cold. And you don't have the sense to put on a hat.
Oh, I get it. It's the hair thing. Don't want to mess up all the um, hair.
The Miss Alaska hairdo.

Ok, done laughing again.
So people here are some facts.
After she quit being part time sports reporter for local tv station, she ran for city council. (Equivalent maybe to Shaler Boro council)
This woman was the Mayor of a suburb of Ankorage, population, according to today's post gazette, 8,000.
To put in perspective. In just five blocks of Lawrenceville, Fisk, Main, 42nd, 40th, and Butler Streets. Population 8115.
She became mayor with 909 votes. Yes, 909 votes.
By the way, I KNOW I could get 909 votes if I ever decided to run for political office, be it dog catcher, mayor or president. I am not kidding.

Then after one year, she runs for Lt. Gov. and loses.

Two years later, she runs for Governor of the State of Alaska. Population 683,000.
I said population 683,000. IN THE WHOLE STATE.
FYI, Allegheny county population is 1,281,666. 588666 people MORE THAN THE WHOLE STATE OF ALASKA THAT THIS WOMAN HAS BEEN GOVERNOR OR FOR LESS THAN TWO YEARS.Again, The whole state of Alaska has over half million people less than Allegheny County.
Sarah Palin became Governor of Alaska by getting 114,000 votes. No, that's not winning by 114,000 votes. Only 114,000 VOTES needed to become the governor of Alaska.
Yes, I know she is a Governor n'at. But really folks, what decisions did she have to make as governor of Alaska that could compare to the needs of me in inner-city Pittsburgh.
Yea, my needs and the Yapik Inut's are so similar, it's uncanny.

She's the mother of 5 including a 4 month old Downs syndrome baby. As the mother of a special needs child. I am certainly qualified to comment on this.
It's tough. Who is going to car for that 4 month old in the next 60 some days? I know I wouldn't leave my special needs 4 month old for any reason for more than a few hours at a time.
Get ready for the breast feeding pictures that are going to surface everywhere.
You can't buy the free publicity that brings.
A woman vice presidential candidate breast feeding her downs syndrome baby talking about how wonderful the Republican party is.
The same party that wants to privatize the social security benefits that child will need later in life.
Stupid, stupid lady.
While I'm on the kids, how about the names? Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig???? Trig???????
OK I'll be nice to the kids. What the hell do they know, they live in Alaska for Christ Sake.

They just said on CNN that she is one of Alaska's most popular politicians. What, are there seven or eight politicians in Alaska? Reminds me of the time my son won third place in a wrestling tournament while never winning a match. There were only three kids in the tournament.

I'm almost done.
And this is my favorite.
How about the comments she made that implied she will go after the 18 million disgruntled Hillary voters?
Lady, not in you wildest dreams, If you would have ever gotten out of Alaska, you would know that 99.9% of Hillary supporters would never, never, ever vote for a Pro-Life candidate.
Another sign just how out of touch the Republican party is.
As you all know,I am no Hillary supporter, but most of my female friends are, and more than a few of them were quite offended by the Republican party thinking they are stupid enough to vote for someone just because they chose a woman. Reminds me of a joke in our house growing up. One of our neighbors told my mother once, "I'm not prejudice, I work with one."

Let them compare Obama's lack of experience to hers. I don't know about you, but I think being a lawmaker for the past 12 years in Chicago and Washington DC can't really compare to someone who's service record is from a place comparable to Shalerville. Not to mention that she's been on maternity leave for most of her public service life.

But then again,in my wildest dreams I wonder how this idiot we have as a president now was elected TWICE. (Well once, he actually wasn't elected the first time).
In the words of our friend Meg "I never, ever, ever under estimate the stupidity of the American voters. Just when I think it is not possible for us to fail to see that the emperor has no cloths, we walk blindly behind them.
People will walk into that voting booth totally uniformed and vote for someone just because they "look" like a nice enough fellow.
God bless this country.

McCain's wanted someone who would stop Obama's successful convention sound bites from playing over and over in the media.
He succeeded. Although not in the way he intended.
We were all laughing.
The 40 Million of us that watched that speech didn't need to watch it over and over again. We were inspired the first time.

I can't wait to watch her and Biden debate. Maybe if he goes easy on her, she'll make him some Moose stew. And I'm not going to even get into the interview I watched from a few months ago, she said she doesn't even know what a vice president does.

All of this is secondary to what really, really matters. You know what made my day?
When McCain choose Sarah Pelin as his running mate,Ski finally saw the light. John McCain lost her vote.
I finished the job I set out to do. I convinced just one anti-Obama voter to change her vote.
Thank you Sarah Pelin aka Miss Alaska.

It just keeps getting better folks. Miss Alaska's 17 year old daughter is pregnant.
Someone should tell the Republicans if you point one finger at someone else, three are pointing back to you.
Yeah, I'm sure mother of the year Miss Alaska is happy about this.............I guess she was too busy teaching her daughter about creationism to talk about sex education.Maybe she should have been keeping an eye on her daughter instead of her hair.
Could you all just imagine if for one minute this was one of Obama's children?(assuming they were older, of course.)

How about this, I was reading an article yesterday in which John McCain was listing her qualifications.
One of the few he had to list was that she was a PTA member. WTF. PTA MEMBER????????? You wasted space on paper to tell us a vice presidential nominee is a member the the fucking PTA. Who the fuck cares?

The Republicans are thanking mother nature I'm sure. They canceled Dumb and Dumber's speeches tonight. What a break, and isn't it amazing that the whole pregnant thing came out on a holiday with our thoughts centered on a natural disaster.
How Convenient.........


Ms. B. said...

It is with great pride that I announce my candidacy for the office vice presidency of the United States of America representing the Republican Party.

By general estimation, Sarah Palin's nomination makes me equally as qualified.
1. 1965-1969 Secretary, Vice President and President of the Sodality of Mary (CHS Chapter)
2. Rutheran Church Founder, 1988
3. Single mother of a great daughter, Jessica. If I can raise a wonderful kid in the Washington area without a husband, perhaps I should run for Miracle Worker.
4. Last, by certainly not least, Miss Smiling Irish Eyes, 1969 Runner Up

So there you are folks. Every qualification has been covered with the exception of gun ownership. I do have an exacting eye with a super soaker gun and have a knack for hitting a target with a sharp comment.

In the booth, vote for Ruth.

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Damn Patty Burns! (God Rest her Soul)
You'll always be Miss Smiling Irish Eyes to me!
Actually, since she's dead, wouldn't that make you........
I guess not. I am sworn to secrecy though if you want to change that to Miss Smiling Irish Eyes, 1969.

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Did Jess get out of Louisianna safely? Where did they go?

Judi said...

Hell yeah Eileen!
You know, it's the hair that's making me crazy. What the hell kind of hairdo is THAT? Reminds me of my cousin's hairdo from her 1969 High School graduation from Fontbonne. And another thing....if I were Sarah, I'd be pissed. She knows who she is, what her experiences are and how unqualified she was when compared to others on "the short list"! She may have poor hair sense but she is not a stupid woman. Yet, she'll allow herself and her family to be paraded around as tokens? Not just minor tokens....big time tokens....for everyone to see. Talk about exploiting each aspect of her life! These themselves-(and carried out in normal family life)--could be truly admirable. Put them in the spotlight and use them as ploitical strategy demoralizes each and every good thing about them! If she's not pissed....I am pissed for her. And, I'm pissed at her. But, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt....clearly she is controlled by men. She is not a woman VP. She's just a girl with a wierd hairdo, a bunch of kids, a few guns and some healthy interest in her community who agreed to pose for some pictures with an old guy. For the sake of "the party". A party where her screams will not be heard.....
Just my 2 cents of course....!
Great post Eileen!

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Good comment Judi. Points I did not see. She is controlled by the men around her.
As much as I disliked Hillary. I don't think a man ever controlled her or her thoughts for one second of her life. Which is why most woman admire her.