Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Just a few comments and observations before I go to bed and forget.
Warning, I am doing this on the fly so some of it might not make much sense. I just couldn't go to bed without venting.

I'm sitting here watching Republican National Convention. I have a confession. I am a Republican. I know, I know, I'm so sorry.
I have mended my ways. Seen the light.
I can't believe I allowed these people to represent me for all these years.

Three things changed my views.
Erin. (She knows)
My place of employment.
And The Madonna.

Having worked in a bank and for the government, I allowed their thinking to mold my views.
I now work for a gay man. Needless to say, my work environment is filled with liberal thinking people who really opened my eyes. It just seemed wrong to judge someone about their lifestyle, esp. when it has nothing to do with you.
Tom, please pick Erin up off the floor.
But seriously, the moral right is neither moral nor right.
I might not agree with a person's lifestyle, but who am I to tell someone I don't even know how to live their life.
The third reason is my sister, "The Madonna". When I was in my Republican mode, she often would ask out loud for anyone to hear, "Eileen, who raised you?"
She finally beat me down.

How about good old Rick Santorum? I'm still praying to my God that one of his kids is gay.

How about Sen. Thompson talking about experience? Wasn't he an actor?

And I hope someday Joe Lieberman trips and falls on the curb while crossing Constitution Ave. and coinsidentially a bunch of Democratic congressman or Senators are behind him, and they just step over him and get the last available table at the executive dining room.

And as GinnyAnn asked, I too am curious. Do you think Sarah Palin had that banana clip she wears for a while, or do you think she ran over to Walmart to buy a new one for her big speech?

If I see or hear one more mention of John McCain and his commitment to country I'm going to scream. Yeah, we know, we know you were a prisoner of war. OK, move forward. Get on with it. Just what are you going to do for me?

Did anyone look around the convention hall? They all looked like clones. Middle aged white people.
America doesn't look like that anymore. Get with it people. That's one of the reasons I never considered moving into the suburbs. Although not everyone is the same, they all look like they are. I never wanted my kids to think for one moment that everyone in this world thinks the same or looks the same as they do--As they do at the Republican convention. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
The Republican world just seems so narrow minded to me. I know my views about the suburbs makes me sound narrow minded, I'm sorry.

The most absurd moment tonight, this woman had a hat with pins all over it saying "I support unwed mothers" Oh really??????????Exactly how? Food stamps? health care? What? I wanted to jump through the tv and ask her exactly how she intends to support all the unwed mothers in this country. Not just the lily white ones, how about the black crack babies mothers who have illegal alien mexican fathers. Yeah, I'll drive them right over and you can "SUPPORT" them.

While I'm at it. How about the location of the blanket that Sarah Pelins daughter had strategically placed over her stomach the other night. How funny.
Then there's my feelings on this, don't you think this family has enough going on right now to get involved in all this.
I think if I were the first dude, I would have had to have a family talk and just say something like: Honey, I know this is a great honor and you would be a great vp and all. And I know it's a chance of a lifetime, but don't you think we have a little too much on our plate right now? This isn't a great time for our family. It's going to be difficult under the best of circumstances. We just had a downs syndrome baby that needs special attention, our daughter is 17, unwed and pregnant, we have a son in Iraq. I just think we should focus on our family right now. I really think we need to come together as a family and get through this difficult year ahead before we put our personal lives and the lives of our children under all this scrutiny. Not to even mention the 17 year old boyfriend and his family.

Finally, last but not least. During George Bush's so called speech tonight he mentioned something about the angry left.

Damn right we're angry pal.


Jody V said...

Hi Eileen!!

since you have a tracking mechanism I figured I would leave a comment. I do check your blog faithfully as well. Your Saturday post had me in stitches. You hit the nail on the head! Have a great day.

Jody from Lincoln Park, NJ

Judi said...

I know, I know...I look just like the rest of those damn suburbanites. Well, maybe not exactly like them. Listen, I was raised closer to the Dormont. That's gotta count for something....
So, just when I thought I knew it all, I find out YOU were a Republican? No wonder you have so much knowledge on this Big Brother stuff.....
So, last night, as I'm watching the RNC, I'm thinking "B-O-R-I-N-G". I mean.....B-O-R-I-N-G......
So, my dad says...out fact, REAL LOUD.... "these people have no spunk!" My father is a genius...