Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Mule For Sister Sarah

So last we heard, our unofficial mascot, "Matilda the Ass" was pregnant. After faking it for a few years.(we all know a little about that) She finally found a Jack to knock her up
After 14 long months, Matilda finally gave birth to a baby donkey named Eustis. Karen didn't say if it is a boy ass or a girl ass. I am assuming it is a girl since it is called Eustis. Here is baby Eustis after just one hour on this earth.

So that got me wondering, what are boy and girl donkeys called, how long do they live, why are they so stubborn, etc. So then I started thinking of a bunch of other irrelevant donkey questions.
So I thought I'd share a few answers to my questions here, along with some pictures of Matilda and Eustis.

A female donkey is called a Jenny (I wonder why? Really, I do)
A Mule is called a Half Ass. (We know alot of mules, don't we girls?)

A Jack is a male donkey. (Let's see I know Jack......and Jack......and Jack....)
A donkey can live 30+ years.

Donkey's and horses can reproduce. I didn't know this. Ok, so I'm stupid. We didn't have many donkey's in Lawrenceville growing up. Plenty of asses, but no donkey's.
A baby donkey is called a foal.

This next bit of info has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was funny. Here my favorite quote: Donkeys usually produce singe births, however the birth of twins have been recorded. The only known 'registered' Spotted Ass twins belong to John Conter, the founders of The American Council of Spotted Asses
There you have it. On John Conter's resume, he can proudly state he is the founder of the American Council of Spotted Asses. Wonder if they have Canadian Council of Spotted Asses, or French Council of Spotted Asses. I know there should be a Pittsburgh Council of Spotted Asses because I spot lots of them!

As always when it comes to Matilda, there is a that piece of overhead conversation that just makes you shake your head and chuckle. Taken out of context, when you hear it, you can't help but think, WTF?????
Last weeks gem:(And again, I swear on my husbands grave this is part of an actually AMG conversation)
Matilda gave birth and then immediately went about her business as if nothing happened while her baby flailed about trying to get it's legs.
(What, you thought I was going to let an analogy like THAT go unmentioned. Not on your life!)
See You all tomorrow around 8. Loosen up your singing voices ladies. We are officially welcoming back Sharon from Rhode Island! And you know what that means!

Thanks to my blogger friend Judi for the great picture at the top of this post.


Judi said...

It's early in the day so I'm not getting it entirely (even though I read it several times). It may come to me when I least expect it.... maybe I'll have that "ah-ha" moment after a little more Chai and energy. The good news--I did get the male-female donkey thing. And, yes, I found it all very interesting and profound. And, I got the Sarah Palin reference. But, the other stuff---over my head or something like that. I'm not feeling overly uneducated (as I's early in the day) though. So, no worries there. Anyway, have fun with Sharon from Rhode Island. Will you be singing donkey songs? The only one I know is "Dominic The Donkey" (btw....Dom is an Italian donkey....l'asino)
Like I's early in the day....
Love all the donkey pix!

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Sorry I confused you Judi,
Alot of inside jokes from the AMG girls.
Im guessing it's one of those "You had to be there" moments.