Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bible Thumpin' Trailer Trash

Before I start, I just want to say that the title of this post is, hands down, the best description of Lipstick Sarah I've heard so far. It's from none other than Sherri, one of the Anger Management Girls. Who was a life long Republican, by the way.Until she changed to a Democrat before the primary, just so she could vote for Obama.
Bible Thumpin' Trailer Trash. Too funny.
For the rest of this post I will refer to her as BTTT.

OK, so where were we? When last we heard, BTTT is being compared to the Second Coming.
New reports everywhere are saying how woman just love her. They covered her huge homecoming back to Alaska. (I heard all 118 people who live in Alaska showed up)Only joking.
But what you didn't hear was there was another rally in Alaska that day. Please take a minute to read what Mudflats has to say about that rally. Also make sure you check out the video on the blog post. This they say, was the biggest political rally in Alaskan history. Woman against Sarah Palin. HMMMM.

Pretty much every day, my friend Elaine sends me some e-mail about Obama being a Muslim or something on that order. Now the Saint BTTT ones are starting. So today, she sends me this.
Wow, all this going on and she has time to write a book about herself in a week and a half. I wonder if she learned how to write a book that fast while going to one of her six different colleges in six years. I bet it will be right up there with such great literary classics as F. Scott Fitzgerald's' The Great Gatsby, Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, or Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.
Come to think of it. It does have one thing in common with these great classics. It's pure FICTION!

Something that isn't fiction. The investigation into Trouper gate. BTTT says she is not going to participate in the investigation. Oh Really Now??? Who do you think you are BTTT? Really. Do you think you are above the law? You are not even Vice President yet. Could you imagine if, God Forbid, she becomes President or Vice President. Richard Nixon will have nothing on her.
Witnesses are also refusing to testify becuse of legal maneuvering and heightened pressure from the Rebublican officials. Bullies. What a bunch of jerks.

So I'm sitting here watching the news. Sorry, but the whole idea of this blog post just shifted. They just had a story on about how some computer hackers got into a Yahoo e-mail account that BTTT used for official business when she was Governor of Alaska. A YAHOO ACCOUNT? For official state business???? And this woman thinks she's qualified enough on the security front? A YAHOO ACCOUNT?????WTF?

Maybe John McCain can let her use his rotary phone. Better yet,they can share a "Party Line" (Please tell me, dear readers, that you all know what a party line is)

Now I'm onto David Letterman on TV. He just said McCain is ruining himself by running for President. He should have just stayed a hero, get a statue. True.
OMG he just said if BTTT were to become Vice President/President, shouldn't the Vice President of the United States have enough common sense to have a five minute conversation with their kids about birth control?

Ooohhhh, I almost forgot. Did anyone know John McCain was a POW.
Just checkin'.
I'm beat and starting to ramble.
Good night.
See you all tomorrow. 'Round 8.

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