Friday, September 12, 2008

What's the matter John McCain, having trouble sleeping?

Ya know, I never disliked John McCain. I probably would have voted for him four years ago if he would have beaten Dumbo for the Republican nomination.
Even at the start of this election season. I didn't dislike him. I just related to Obama a whole lot more.
Having said that, this man now disgusts me. Talking about selling you soul. How does he sleep?
I am getting worried. Obama better start playing their game. McCain/Pallin surrounded themselves with Bush people. These people are good. Really, really good. Anyone who managed to get Dumbo re-elected four years ago are the best. Think about it. They managed to get our laughing-stalk of a President reelected.
They are beyond good.

And woman out there, don't get offended when they rip into Lipstick Sarah. We gotta have thick skin here. Don't be all "they can't treat a woman like that". They have to drag her through the mud just like they are dragging Obama. Sorry, but they do.
Don't take it personally.

Tony Norman, one of my favorite Post Gazette columnists really says it for me in his column today. Please read.

A few other odds and ends:
Sara Pallin said she knows about Russia because you can see it from Alaska!!!!
I can see the moon, I am going to apply to NASA for a job tomorrow.
It will go something like this:
Me: Hi I want to work here.
NASA: Oh really, while eyeing my resume,I see you have FBI experience here, but unfortunately,we are not hiring right now in our security division.
Me: No, I want to be an astronaut and go to the moon.
NASA: Maam, you don't have the necessary qualifications. Sorry.
ME: (roll of the eyes) Yes I do. I look at the moon every night (well, almost). You can see it right from my backyard. I've been doing it for 50+ years now. Surely, after all that time, I know everything there is to know about the moon. What you don't believe me. Hey, whats that ambulance doing here. Wait, wait, I told you, I can see it. Really I can. I am qualified to go to the moon. I am qualified to work here. Leave me alone Mr. I can get myself into that ambulance. How long does it take to get to Western Psych from here?

What a nut case. And people are loving it.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
She also dared for someone to find evidence of her saying she did not believe in global warming. Saying she's not into it like crazy Al Gore.
Nice. Lots of class Lipstick Sarah.
BTW, they did quote her at least four times saying she didn't believe global warming was caused by humans.
She'll hang herself eventually. Bush's boys have to let her out to play sooner or later. And she's arrogant enough, in a Bill Clinton kind of way, to think she can do whatever she wants.
She'll fall. If they caught the master, they'll catch her.

Oh, I almost forgot. Did anyone know John McCain was a POW?
Just checking.
Also, guess what? They miraculously found long lost tapes of him returning to the USA.
How convenient. I guess his mother finally got around to cleaning out that attic.
Geeze, it's about time. Wonder what else is in that attic, waiting to be found?
Hey Obama, you better go find out. Now, before it's too late. As my basketball coach father taught me, you have to play with people a rung above you to eventually beat them. Play their game, and beat them at it.


Judi said...

OMG! You had me crying I was laughing so hard. I am going to have to use that analogy when I'm ranting about Sarah P.!!!! Honestly, I think I'm surrounded by a bunch of ninkumpoops (how do you spell that word?). Am I the only person I know who thinks she is not just a bad choice but a dangerous one to boot? Even my father....THE DEMOCRAT....says he likes her. When I asked know what he said? He felt bad about her little baby. OMG! And I thought his brother inherited the family dimentia gene....
Thankfully, my friend Prof H gets it. She said she was sick of hearing that Sarah was just a regular person like the rest of us. Prof H says she does not want someone she can sit and chat with or feels intellectually equal with as her VP (or possibly her Prez). She wants someone a hell of a lot smarter than her. Yes! I agree! I told her I'd have to share that with my blogging friend Eileen. She said "go right ahead!" We SP haters gotta stick together...
Alright...enough about that. We can revisit that later....for sure.
BTW---go to see "Burn After Reading". I swear, I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. It's quirky but OH SO worth it in the end....
Thanks for giving me lots more reasons to beat up Sarah....I can't seem to come up with enough myself!

Go Steelers!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Thanks, I am never at a loss for words when it comes to this election. I actually have an abundance of topics from these nuts.
No wonder SNL came back early. It's just too easy.

How about Rudy on CBS this morning today.When asked if we should have gotten into the war in the first place. Know what he said?
Basicly he said we had to start the war to win it.
Yep asshole, how can one win a war that never starts in the first place?
Or maybe it just gives our military something to do the the next 5-10 years.
Then McCains newest bombshell, which I haven't looked into to confirm yet, but my dad told me, so who knows. His first thing as President will be to capture Bin Laden because he knows where he is.
Oh really now?
Why not get him tomorrow? I'm sure alot of military families will be so thankful, esp. the ones who unfortunately get killed sometime between today and Jan.20.
OK, I'll stop. More tomorrow.
Comming attractions: Alaskan Woman Against Sarah Pallin Rally. The LARGEST demonstration in Alaskan history. Thanks you St. Jude. I was beginning to think this was a hopeless case.

Judi said...

St. Jude..he shall answer you!!!. He's my patron saint so he's a good guy. (yep, it's true...that's who I was named mother thought it was a hopeless cause to get get married, let alone have a child, after the age of, she prayed to St. Jude....then she joined the same Knights of Columbus bowling league as my dad and the rest is history. She had to make good on her promise to St. I'm Judith...) St. Jude was the reason why the Pirates won the series in 1971 by the way. Yeah, he sat next to the rabbit ears on top of our Zenith...
Sorry, I got derailed there....
Anyway....this thing on Bin Laden....ooooh, my blood is boiling now. I'll have to tell my niece who lost a loved one in this damn war.....that should turn her into a Democrat very quickly....
Can't wait for your next post. A demonstration of Alaskan women against one of their own...huh? Now, there's something that makes one wonder....