Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Post Where I Don't Mention Sarah Palin

All week I have been thinking about this bail out for Wall Street mess and how I feel about it. Unfortunately I think it is necessary. But let's all be clear about what this really is. It is welfare. And it's as plain and simple as that. Welfare for those who were just plain greedy and should know better.

Over at, Kelly B hits the nail on the head. Saying everything I wanted to say, but in much, much better English. She is getting her Masters in Professional Writing from CMU, Smarty Pants.

I'm imagining her with her Irish face blotchy red from anger, one hand on her hip and the other index finger pointed at the face of a suit saying:

"So now that the richest among us are receiving it with the full support of the government, I demand that no broke person be given shit for the pittance that they receive. The next time that I pay for groceries with an EBT card, don’t glance at my selections and judge my character. The next time that I go into the hospital and have a baby and use my Medicaid, don’t bitch about “paying for my mistakes.” Don’t get all indignant about your tax dollars and don’t gripe about the irresponsible behavior of “those people.” Because what we’re seeing on Wall Street is the ultimate in irresponsible behavior and it’s not just fucking with the lives of one person or one family, it’s fucking all of us. We’ll pay for it. We’ll fix it because that’s what we need to do. Now hopefully that minuscule percentage of your tax dollar that goes toward social services won’t seem so outrageous. Because it isn’t."

Couldn't have said it better than that Kelly B!
As Har would have said "Hmmph.......guess you told them Briginkel."

I'll write about the debates when I get a chance to watch it again.
Were there two debates on last night by any chance? I swear Ski and I watched two different ones.
Maybe one was a repeat or something. Or maybe they used a split screen using a McCain from a debate 20 years ago.
Just trying to figure out how two people can watch same exact thing on tv and come up with two totally different conclusions.
Did anyone hear Obama specifically say when he became president he was going to invade Afghanistan and Pakistan?
I didn't think so.
And did anyone think that McCain sounded like a crotichey old man who just started rambling random countries to make sure we knew he knew. But ended up sounding like he just studied up on his High School Geography.
I thought so.

McCain should be part of our past instead of our future.

What bugged me most is John McCain didn't give Obama an ounce of respect. While Obama showed what a class act he is and didn't stoop to that level. And it showed.

The part I liked the best is when Obama actually said a few times "Yes John you are right, BUT" and went on to explain his take on the matter. McCain was all like Beavus and Butthead snorting hehe, told you, told you hehe. He totally didn't get it. And he never will.

A few poll numbers and observations by news agencies:

An instant telephone poll by CNN and Opinion Research Corp. after the debate scored a decisive win for Obama among 524 debate watchers. Asked who did the better job, 51 percent said Obama and 38 percent said McCain.

In a CBS News poll, uncommitted voters see Barack as the debate winner. When it comes to the economy, 66% say Barack would make the right decisions versus 42% for McCain.

David Gergen, CNN analyst, said, "McCain needed a clear victory tonight and I think that eluded him.

McCain's problem: Obama's obvious preparation and sharp answers contradicted McCain's frequent claims that the Democrat was uninformed and "didn't understand" key issues

The New York Times editorial board writes that Obama won the discussion of the economy and that McCain seemed out of step with the current moment

Dan Balz, providing analysis for the Washington Post, says there was no knockout punch Meanwhile his colleague Tom Shales sums up the night as 'McCain too nasty

A focus group of 45 voters with an "unmistakenly Republican tilt" believed that Obama won the night handily.

I don't think I need to go on.
Oh God, I pray John McCain goes back to just living off his POW experience. As David Letterman said, "Just give the guy a statue and move on."

One more thought, this past week, as well as during the RNC there were two instances where protesters interrupted campaign speeches. It's pretty telling how each candidate handled the situation.

Obama invited them in to hear what they were saying and maybe they could work the situation out.

McCain made a joke and ridiculed his protesters and everyone laughed and shouted USA. (What did that have to do with anything?)

I guess I don't have to write a whole other post on debates. I inadvertently just wrote it. Oppps.
38 more days and I will leave you all alone!

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Judi said...

Thanks for the update....I was clearly NOT in the political world this weekend! As evidenced....
...I survived my weekend of trying-to-park-the-damn-car-in-Shadyside with an 86 year old man with dementia in the passenger seat and an 87 year old man in the backseat who is pretty furious that his brother is the way he is. Friday night--Spahr & Adler, Saturday night-Giant Eagle. In complete melt-down mode, I *almost* came to your house at midnight Saturday to see if I could park in your front yard! My poor uncle....he got lots of exercise! uncle, my dad and I watched he debate....I explain to my Uncle who the 2 guys were. Now, you gotta know, my uncle is living in the 30's&40's
(or so we suspect). He says to me "I like the white haired guy". Now, my Uncle is a die-hard Dem who hung with Davey Lawrence & Joe Barr (he thinks they still run Pittsburgh). My dad says, filled with disgust "he's the Republican Patsy!" he didn't like Obama because of his race...say to him "don't you like the other guy running for president is black?" My uncle says....having forgot our conversation that had just happened....."a black man is running for president? is he from Homewood?" He then went on to tell a few politcally incorrect stories about Homewood. So, then I tell him "yes, a black man is running for president and he's a Democrat but he is not from Homewood"
So, a few minutes later...having forgot all of that...he turns to my dad and says "Frankie, what movie is this? I don't like it at all..." So, we switched the channel....
Can't wait to watch Sarah & Joe. Maybe I can watch it with my Uncle again.....