Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Russian(experts) Are Coming, The Russian (experts) Are Coming!

I can't even think of something to say. So I am just going to quote Sherry over at The Pittsburgh Woman's Blogging Society.
"This woman has a Journalism degree??????Maybe she should go back to Alaska and hunt for it."

She says to Katie in the clip that Alaska is not a foreign county. Listening to her, it certainly sounds like it, for cryin out loud!

No one could possible take this woman seriously. Could they???

This morning, they asked her about all the negative feedback she was getting from her interviews or lack thereof. Her response? America just isn't used to "Averege Joe Sixpack" representing them.
THANK GOD! There's a reason for that lady! I don't want an "Average American" representing me.
Please, can't we just get her to go back to Alaska? How about if we all take up a collection and get her an unlimited supply of lipstick and magazine subscriptions to "all" the new sources she reads and she can maybe babysit her new grandchild, (while her daughter is going to do whatever they do in Alaska after high school?) Maybe concentrate on her kids futures. Or try to prepare at least one of her children so that they can get into a college somewhere. She can go on play dates with her newborn son and talk foreign policies with all the other moms.
I can hear it now.
Sarah: Was that a plane overhead.
Mom #1: Yeah, wonder where it's headed.
Mom #2: It's headed west.
Sarah: I bet it's going to Russia. Isn't that west?
Mom #3: Boy you're smart. All that foreign policy experience sure paid off.
Sarah: I learned it in one of the hundreds and hundreds of magazines I read daily. I think it was the same issue of People that had me on the cover.Did my hair look OK?

Folks, if these people win, we are in serious trouble!
See you all tomorrow. We can watch Mensa do her stuff on the debates.


Judi said...

Sooo....where are you and the AMG watching the debate? I'm thinking it needs to be a place with padded walls. As for me...I'm curling up with a straight jacket. I don't want to destroy Carmen's prized TV!
Did I ever mention that I have a degree in Journalism? I never knew I was *that* close to being picked for VP.....
Paris with Kate & Angela? Hmmmm.....

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

AND you are much more qulalified!

Yes, Paris with Kate and Angela. How fun is that!