Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Sherri and I ventured to town Friday to show our displeasure with the selection of Sarah Palin(aka Winkey) as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.
Let me just wonder out loud, how do all those radicals do it? I mean, really, that shit is hard work.
Sherri picked me up at 2:45. We found our fellow protesters and walked around with our signs for a while. It was then that you could tell we were pure novices.
First, shoes. We wore totally wrong shoes. Sherri had boots with heels, that looked great with her cashmere sweater. But weren't very practical about forty minutes into it.
I had on my Hermes scarf. Totally wrong for demonstrating in the sun. I was getting hot under the collar and it's wasn't for the right reasons.
But hey, we looked great.

Plus, let me just say, those signs get heavy after a while. Ya know, you hold them up and you start hurting under the arms. Then your thumb and index finger start getting numb.
It was right about then that we started checking our watches and asking our fellow protesters (who happened to be dressed as polar bears)when these things end.

But all in all, it was fun. Some great signs. My favorite being "I don't need boobs, I already have two. I need health care."
Learned a few things too.
Important things, like never wear heals to a protest. And it's best to wear t-shirts. Preferably ones that have something about what you stand for on the front.

The most important thing I think I learned. Two things, one, check your sign for spelling. Especially if you are running really, really late and you count on your kids to do the rough draft.
Two, it helps if you put your sign on a stick. It makes it easier to hold up higher and isn't so rough on your arms and fingers.
After the "Straight Talk Express" (Ugh) passed we went to Sonoma Grill and had a much needed drink and took the load off on some much needed chairs.
Three and a half hours later, I ended my radical ways over some sushi, wine and a beer.
Bitching on this site is a hell of alot easier I tell ya.
But we did have a fun day.
Below are two short clips taken from my camera.

Get ready. Birthday-Rama officially starts tomorrow. Can you believe its been a whole year since the big 50 blow out? Geeze. I'm turning 51. I don't feel a day over 50.
More on that later.

Peace, baby!


Ms. B. said...

I am proud of you!
My friend went to her first protest and all I got was a blog message! That is my "t" shirt slogan.

You make me miss my tie-dye wardrobe.

Happy Trails! Ruti

Judi said...

It's always about the shoes.....!

Can't wait to hear all about the Birthday-rama!