Sunday, October 19, 2008

John McCain Debate Coach Finally Found!

Does anyone else think it's scary that the substance of the Republican Presidential Campaign is taken almost verbatim from a kooky comedy show over 40 years old.

Oh, wait a minute, McCain must think it's a fresh new idea. Wasn't this show popular during the years that he was a POW? You guys did hear that he was a POW, didn't you? I know, that's bad! On a Sunday yet.But I just can't help it.Remember I USED to be a Republican--so that mean, intolerant streak still shows itself from time to time!

Holy Obama Batman! I think the Democrats just might pull this off!

One last thing that is confusing to me. The Republicans and President Bush want to start taking over banks. Now, I have to admit, economics and banking are not my thing(you all have heard stories of my mishaps with money). But isn't that Socialism? Government running the banks?? Is that the ultimate in Socialism. The socialism that Republicans are warning us about if we vote for Obama?
Just askin'.

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Judi said...

Hey there from your Lapdancing friend!
Listen....don't squelch that rumor...I'm fine with having it out there that I lost all this weight by Lapdancing!!!!!
OOOOH, I love it!!!! Great way to start my week off.....!