Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe the Plumber?????

JOE. THE. PLUMBER?????????????WTF???????????
Joe the effin' Plumber.
What's with the Republicans obsession with the Joe's?

Thank God this will be over soon. And hopefully Blinky will just have to settle for that statue of himself somewhere in Washington or Arizona. And Winky will be on a nonstop to Wallisa. Kids in tow.

The Madonna called about three minutes into this debate. Laughing hysterically. She brought up something that I forgot about years ago.

When Devin was about 7 or 8 years old we had to get a new gas pipe installed in front of our house. It kept my boys busy for days and days. They were in their glory watching the men from the gas company dig up our front sidewalk. Me, not so much.

After a few days my husband was sitting on our front porch. One of the worker's asked where his son "Joe" was. Dan said who? He said Joe, your son who's been watching us here all week. Dan told him we didn't have a son named Joe. Our son's names were Devin and Danny.
The man shrugged his shoulders saying that he told him his name was Joe.

So when Devin got home from school that day, we asked him if he knew why they would have thought his name was Joe. He looked up at Dan and said it was he who told them his name was Joe. He wanted to be Joe because Joe was a working man's name. And he wanted them to think he was a working man. Devin was not a working mans name, he informed his father.
My husband almost fell off his chair.
Devin was Joe the Working Man for quite a while. Not as long as Danny was Peter Venkman, but that's a whole other story.

A few weeks later we went to The Madonna's for Easter. Devin made friends with the kids across the street. He introduced himself as Joe the working man. But it didn't last long, especially when he realized that if your a working man, you actually have to work!

The following summer, we went back to DC and when one of the neighbors asked for Joe. Devin got all indignant. He said he is not Joe, he is Devin. And why are these kids calling him Joe. We laughed, asking him how the hell were they supposed to know. For months he was telling them his name was Joe and now he's suddenly Devin.

That's my Devin from Heaven. What a sweetheart.

This story has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was funny. Just like this goofy reference to Joe the Plumber is funny and silly. I have a feeling Joe the Plumber won't help John McCain and his bid for the Presidency anymore than Joe the Working Man helped the guys in that hole in front of my house. Just be prepared. That poor plumber will be splattered over Fox News for the next three weeks.

I originally wanted to write this nice story about how October 16 is not only my birthday, but it's also my nephew Jeffrey Andrew David's (the rock star)birthday.
This is his 30th birthday. He was born on my 21st birthday. God,does that makes me old? It was also the same night John Paul II was made Pope. (Big day all around)
1978. Seems like lifetimes ago. I guess it was, now that I think about it.

I wrote a nice post last night about the night he was born. He was the best birthday present that I ever received. I was getting tired and my palm hit the wrong key and it erased everything.
So sorry Jeff, this isn't what I intended to write. Happy 30th Birthday sweet boy. You are finally older than Grammy! How can that be?

This is a picture of my birthday cake from the people at work. Can you believe them? Joanna had to convince them at the store that it wasn't a hoax and she will really pick the cake up.

Too Funny.
We will continue on with Birthday-Rama tonight.
And I am warning you all. NO PLUMBER JOKES. I already received two calls.
It's my Birthday. Be nice.

An afterthought: "Joe the Plumber" is making $250.000 a year? Really? As a regular plumber? Apparently he's single girls! Only one catch, you probably would have to move to Ohio. Ouch, Barb.


Jody V said...

Hi Eileen,

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

From one Irish Catholic Democrat to another!!

Jody V

Judi said...

Come on Eileen! (I'll bet you hear that all the time...the same way I hear JudiJudiJudi),
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!
Love the Devin-Joe story! My niece went for years telling people her last name was Rucci (we have no idea where she got that...her last name is Ford). We think she just wanted to have an Italian last name. My little nephew Jared always introduced himself as J-Rod from the time he was about 3. We still call him that...he doesn't like it now that he's 10.
As for the debate....sorry but I had to turn it off. Honestly, I could not take it any longer. It made me uncomfortable. I guess I'm to into peace and harmony! But...I have to share this tidbit with you....this morning, my shopping diva daughter came downstairs and announced she wanted an Obama t-shirt...."not a wierd one though"...she told me. So, I guess I gotta go shopping....
Have a wonderful Joe the Plumber free birthday! Are you coming into Oakland to see Michelle O?
Party on!

Judi said...

Just a little gift....

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

That was my best berthday prestent ever!!!!
Thanks Judi.

Judi said...

No, I got a better one....check your email!