Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hair of the Dog!

Walmart is wondering what's with the run on banana combs. They haven't sold this many outside of trailer parks since 1984.

We are in trouble folks, real trouble if these people get elected.

Did she actually say "Iraq is God's war"????????????I hope I read wrong.

News Flash. Did anyone hear that John McCain was a POW? I just wanted to remind you all in case you forgot. Don't know about you all, but that is the first qualification I look for in selecting a president. That, and being a member of the PTA!

Sorry folks, I just couldn't pass this up!

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Judi said...

So.....I guess you weren't wowed by her adorable little daughter licking her hand and patting down her little bro's hair. I mean....that's what almost turned me around (politcally speaking). This family is a real "hair" family. Older bro Trak has a military buzz. If you didn't know he was a soldier--you did by his haircut. Then there's clean cut dad haircut. Piper's little barretts, Willow's all American cheerleader look. Trig's hair pat down on national TV. And, Bristol.....those lush locks brought on by hormones. know the rest. I'm telling you, this might be the hair of the dog for the Republican party....

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Ha! I am changing the title right now!

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

In my neighborhood, the "great hair families" were the worse.
They looked great and everything is perfect on the outside. Sort of like that movie "The Bad Seed"

Jody V said...

OK Eileen -

I am voting you in to have your own talk show on politics!! You really have the gift to take these ass wipes on sister!! What network are you thinking of?!!

Jody V