Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the Dog House

I have to get a digital camera.
I had one and it broke. So I either have to get that one fixed, get a new one, or make a meaningful attempt to learn how to download my cell phone pictures onto a computer.
Any tips?

Anyway, last night was a night not unlike any other of my Monday nights.
Worked like crazy till 8:00. Went straight to the grocery store.
While there, Plumber called, met him for a fast drink. (While groceries were getting rancid in my car)
Got home around 10:30pm, a full 14 hours after I left for work in the morning. So I put rancid groceries away. Throw some Kielbasa on the grill and take the guard dog out for a walk. Thinking I had time to at least go around the block once.
I'm walking back towards my house and I smell kielbasa and I'm thinking, "Gee, I can't believe you can smell that all the way down here".
I know it's my kielbasa, because, quite frankly, who else would be cooking it at 11:00 pm.
I get in the house and my whole house is smelling like the Warsaw ghetto.
I go out in the back yard and open the grill.
Um, yeah. You know it. Kielbasa is on fire.
So I put out the fire and I wish I could post the picture that I took of the burnt kielbasa turds.
Too funny. Burnt to a crisp.
So I have to make something else.
I figured the grill is already hot. (Understatement)
So I throw on some hot dogs and sweet sausage.

To make a long story short. I cooked them and was just getting ready to sit down to eat after a long, long day.

Oops, wait, I thought to myself, I better to the bathroom because once I sit down. I am not getting back up for anything.

I go up to bathroom.
Come back down the steps in about three minutes.

Does anyone know how long it takes for a black lab to eat a pound of sweet sausage and six hot dogs?

I do. Under three minutes.

He better hide behind those glasses!
I gave up. Went to bed.

Damn Smokey the Guard Dog better watch his step. A few more acts like that and he's back the the Big House!

Anyway, lets go to "Club Bones" for AMG on Thursday. There is a Steeler game on and we can sit in the side room and watch.
See you all around 8 on Thursday.

LATE EDITION: I bet you guys didn't know you had a bronze medalist as your leader. I know, I know. It's hard to be humble. Check out Stories from the Road on my blog roll to the left. Judi is a friend of Dan's cousin Angela. We've only met a few times, but quickly realized we were twins separated at birth. Her, unfortunately being whisked away through the tubes!


Judi said...

Your dog is a good weight loss tool....walk him while you're cooking or leave him with your dinner. Either way...it's a cheap and painless way to shed a few pounds. And, to think, I went and got myself cut open when I could have just adopted your dog for a year or so....;-)
Sorry you went to bed hungry. Make up the calories on Thursday!
Do you readers know you are a Bronze Medalist on my blog? Do you want them to know? Ahhhhh.....
Anyway....you have to send me your address (check your email) so I can send you your prize....Starbucks' Shaken Black tea with a splash of lemonade. Yes, I'm mailing it to you.....
Who is this plumber?

Judi said...

WOW! You outed us! Listen twinsy, if you think for one minute that you are going to escape your Bronze Medalist prize by not following the directions in my email....think again. I will track you down and hang that medal on your chest and force that prize upon you (the Starbucks Venti Unsweetened Shaken Black Tea with a Splash of Lemonade). I've got my ways of finding out where your lair is.
BTW...I saw Ginny escaping today (an early AMG meeting?). But, I was too busy bitching to get the scoop. All I know is that she was carrying a big box of vegetables from the farm. AMG grub?
Have a great D'Amico family reunion weekend (see, I know everything....). Don't eat too many meatballs!
And, don't eat too many veggies tonight. You don't want gas at Club Bones!
Enjoy! Judi