Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Never Cared To Say Good-Bye


No wonder MJ was a loon. The Jackson family is even crazier that he was. Yeah, and give them three more kids to fuck up. Please, someone rescue those kids from that bunch of freaks.

Televised world wide? Pleeeaaasssee.

There was a private burial at some cemetery this morning. Then they announce that his casket will be at Staple Center(not crazy enough for them around Staples Center, let's see, bring the casket, that'll get them coming). I guess they want to get as much publicity as they can out of this. Whore the guy out even in his death Jackson Family.

Can we bury the guy and get on with our lives already????????

Yeah, I liked some of his music. Mostly the Jackson 5 stuff. But really, did he cure cancer? Compared to Mother Theresa, what exactly did he accomplish?
So he could dance. He was a fuckin' nut people!

I watched some old interview with him last night. He actually said with a straight face that his plastic surgery rumors were just lies. Michael, Michael, Michael, I have a big nose. I have my mom's nose. It's didn't get smaller with age. Even as I got quite larger, my nose still stayed the same.

Just like his life, his death is being so mismanaged.

I guess P.T. Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute.

Get a life people!

Better close for now, I have to get back to watching that damn memorial service!

*Side note: One time Ski and I were staying at the Waldorf and this older black man who looked really familiar got into the elevator with us. We knew we knew him we just didn't know from where. We thought he was Sala Udin the councilman from Pgh. Llaine, Ski's daughter just rolled her eyes at us and told us how stupid we were. It was Joe Jackson she informed us!

OK, Late Edition here. Watched on line while at work. (Before you all go "what the hell were you doing at work, my boss told me where to find it online, he was watching from his office.) I felt like I was watching In Living Color or Saturday Night Live. It was probably the tackiest thing I've ever seen. Until Brook Shields. She and Michael's daughter Paris brought the only bit of class to an event that was the goofiest thing I've ever seen. And when that poor girl was talking, they were all grabbing her and fixing her and stuff. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!You've done enough.

I say give the kids to Brooke. What a class act. And look how she was raised, with her kooky mother and all.

Late, Late edition: Watched the memorial on TV tonight. Wasn't as bad as I originally thought. I overreacted. OK? The Jackson family were the only really crazy ones, the rest wasn't THAT bad.


Irishembi said...

I didn't watch it. I watched the clip of his daughter speaking, poor kid.

Did he seriously say the plastic surgery was a RUMOR and LIES???? I think he was taking more drugs than we realized.

Or maybe he thought we were.

zelzee said...

I agree with the kids not being left in the care of that family!!!

And Brooke would be a wonderful influence on them!

ADayInTheLife said...

Please open up and tell us how you REALLY feel! I agree the whole thing was bizarre and drugged out (pun intended) ridiculously too long. He could dance, without a doubt. He always held my attention when he performed. He also was so freakin strange it was unreal. 'nuff said by me.