Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hero's and Weirdo's

Sorry the posts are few and far between lately. I need a new computer. Hopefully that will be soon.

Anyway, what's new? I guess we all know where the idiots are spending their summer vacations. At town hall meetings. Really, just stop folks. Your cover is blown. Go home. Or better yet, take a vacation. Hopefully not to a hospital if you don't have insurance. But we all know you do. Otherwise you all wouldn't be making fools of yourself on national TV. I guess its not very catholic of me to wish for these people to loose their insurance and have to pay for their own health care. How about just for a month or two? OK, OK I'll go to confession this Saturday. Hopefully I won't get hit by a truck between now and then.

On to people worthy of my time and energy.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

"When the full judgment on the Kennedy legacy is made — including JFK's Peace Corps and Alliance for Progress, Robert Kennedy's passion for civil rights and Ted Kennedy's efforts on health care, workplace reform and refugees — the changes wrought by Eunice Shriver may well be seen as the most consequential," Harrison Rainie, author of "Growing Up Kennedy," wrote in U.S. News & World Report in 1993.

I have a child with special needs. You've all read about him here. My "Devin from Heaven" is a gift from God who touches everyone he meets. He attended St Anthony's School for exceptional kids throughout grade school and high school.
Every year they hold their version of the special olympics at the school. Each special kid brings a regular kid and the different sites compete against each other. It is something my Devin looked forward to the entire year.

The looks on these kids faces. The pride it gives them, it is something for which we all should be forever grateful to Mrs. Shriver.
Faces like this.

This is Devin's friend Eddie.

Thank you Eunice Kennedy Shriver for making a difference in so many children's lives. You are personally responsible for putting smiles on the faces of millions. For that I and many others are eternally grateful.
I especially thank you for the smiles you put on one boys face, my Devin from heaven.

*The other boy in the picture below with my Devin on the basketball court is his friend Richard Eberlein. His brother and he came to the games every year with Devin. I don't know what they are studying in college, but I think they have a calling for special ed. I wish I had a picture of Richard (or Robert, I can't tell them apart) when he picked up Eddie and carried him over a fence when Eddie was too afraid to do it himself. Their parents should be proud.

These kids fight for basic rights everyday of their lives, then we have the phony nutcases sent to disrupt what should be civilized discussions on an important issue like health care. Too bad that is what they choose to be good at.
As Harriet was fond of saying "They aren't fit to wipe my ass." (Or Devin's)

Awe geeze, I almost forgot. Happy Bandiversary to my good friend Judi over at Stories From The Road. Please read this, she is a riot! She is a hero to many of us here in Bloggerland! She's lost 100 lbs!!!!! Christ, to me she is a Saint!


Judi said...

You are back! Thank God! I was getting so worried....I thought you lost your gift for writing--having tossed it aside and replacing it with your gift for choosing exceptional hat fashion! Alas, my worry was in vain! And, you proved it tenfold with this wonderful post! BEAUTIFUL and thought provoking! It's never too late to either get your ass into politics (you REALLY could be the Mayor) or write a book! Oh and could be a hat model!
(btw...I received several emails about your pictures on my blog...I don't think anyone realized it was the same person! One person said "I KNOW THE GIRL WHO IS THE MAYOR FOR SURE!". I directed her to your blog...she can figure it out from there!)
Sorry to hear about your computer. My Laptop is currently in the hospital being treated for multiple viruses!

Nance said...

That Harriet was a very smart woman. And Congrats to Judi!

Judi said...

Hey Eileen....
BTW...thanks for the shout out! I'm blushing! Yes, that's me--St. Judi. Damn. Calling me a saint on a Friday when I'm fantasizing of all the decadent things I can do this weekend..
Thanks for being a tried and true blogger buddy!
Bring on Friday!!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Geez Ei... a blog first for me today! You brought tears to my eyes.