Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pour on the Iron... or the Cane

The reason I am sure there is a God? I could have been born in Malaysia and been this poor woman.
Holy hell. Caned for drinking a beer? There would be a shortage on rattan if I were born in that country!
Could you imagine if the Anger Management Girls went out every Thursday in Malaysia??
Talk about "Off With Your Head! Holy Hell.

Ya know, I can get on this little ol' blog and bitch on just about anything without consequences. It's my opinion and in this country you are allowed to have them. Yes, even the crazy right wing"terrorists" have a right to their opinion..... Unfortunately.

So, I was wondering what other offenses are punishable by caning.
Of course there's the usual rape, robbery and burglary.
But how about illegal bicycle races, perpetrators of get-rich schemes (not bad), illegal money lending, vandals (hello Daniel Montano)and my personal favorite "Men who desert their wives." Can we drop the illegal bike racing and double the caning on that last one?

BUT you will be glad to know that they do not cane death cases. You cannot be caned and then put to death. Whew, I'm sure some death row inmates are sleeping better tonight knowing that.

Maybe some of the death row inmates should start talking to a "Prison Consultant." WTF??? A Fucking Prison Consultant. Yes folks, we now have prison consultants. Plexico Burris has a prison consultant. Stupid rich people will pay for anything won't they?
I am definitely in the wrong profession.

I wish someone would bring me over an ice cold "Arn" right now. At least my ass won't be sore after drinking it! My head may hurt, but definitely not my ass.

Not to change the subject Babe, but (I can hear my mother say that to her sister Babe like it was yesterday) In just four days I'll be celebrating my 3rd Blogivarsary. Yes, my first measly little post was written on August 29, 2006.
I guess I'll have to have a few extra Arn's to celebrate!
Who'da thunk it? Three years, 233 posts, and over 15,000 visitors later and I'm still here. Do your ears hurt yet?

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