Monday, August 31, 2009

God Bless The Irish

*I wrote this on Saturday while watching Teddy Kennedy's funeral.

I'm sitting here cryin' like a fool watching Teddy Kennedy's funeral.
I don't know why.
I think it's because it's really really weird watching all these historical figures doing what I've done hundreds of times. Sitting at a catholic funeral.
Words are the same, different faces.
All the Catholic traditions. The ceremony, the grieving wife, the kids saying the Prayers of the Faithful. Even the pallbearers.
I love the fact they had female pallbearers. My niece was one for my mother.

It's funny, I can almost hear them sitting around the table just as we did. Who's carrying up the gifts? Who do we want being pallbearers? Who is going to do the readings?

It's so personal, you have to do it yourself, no matter how much money you have.

Sort of like "Exactly the same....only different.

I think that is why the Kennedy's captured the hearts of so many Americans. Especially Irish Catholic Americans like me.

Teddy Kennedy did what alot of us would have done given the opportunity. He fought for what we would have fought for, given his power. He helped those who we would have helped, given the means. And he enjoyed life how we would have enjoyed life....if we only had a few million to spare!!!

Today, I as I watch his wife Vicky sitting in the first pew, I know in her heart she is wishing the mass would never end. I can relate as she almost runs to hug the pallbearers who walk past her pew on their way into church.
I know exactly how she awful she feels.

I watched those kids as they were saying "Lord, Hear Our Prayer" just as I watched my own children saying the same thing. I saw the look of pride on their parents faces.

I can see my own huge crazy Irish Catholic family sitting in the same pews, felling the same sadness as every person in that church. With Marion and my cousin Danny in the role of Obama delivering the eulogy of course. How appropriate!

Years ago Dan worked in Boston for a short time. He talked about it all the time. Him and a few buddies worked for a restoration company. He was particularly proud of the church he worked on. He went on and on about being so high up(I'm sure he meant that figuratively as well as literally!)in the scaffolding painting above the alter. He told me it was the only Basilica in New England. He always was telling me and the kids that he wanted to take us up there some day to show them the church. So as I'm watching this mass today, I am amazed when I hear a CNN reporter describe the church as the only Basilica in New England. I looked it up on the Internet and sure enough, tears ran down my cheeks. We finally got to see the church my husband was so proud of.

Last night, I cracked up when they all sang When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, just like we did at my mothers wake. Only thing........If the Kennedy's are anything like us.......Oh what a headache they are all going to wake up with tomorrow! I bet you can't find a bottle of champagne left in all of DC. I certainly do hope they tied one on. Just like any proper Irish Catholic family would do!

**The picture below was taken by The Madonna. She went to watch the motorcade going into Arlington Cemetery.


Scoop Murphy said...

You may wish to impress your readership by pointing out that it is my head blocking full view of the rear tire.

It was a very emotional thrill being there. I loved that the cars all had the windows down so they could interact with the people who were there seeing the great man off to his reward.

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

The Madonna always has someone's head or foot in a picture.

Judi said...

Yes, I'm slowly coming out of my daughter-off-to-college coma and thought I'd stop by for a laugh from Eileen. But she is....making me all teary over Teddy and wakes and funerals and the Irish and well, you know. Yes, I missed it all due to the college-going thing. But, I got a blow-by-blow from my father....he even sang along with the TV he told me. Oh come the tears again.....