Monday, March 26, 2007

Random thoughts on last week's Anger Management:

Mrs. Depp is all in a tizzy (Is that a real word?). She fractured her left hand. She's worried sick about what to do if Johnny calls her for a left handed-hand-job. What 's a girl to do?
I told her I didn't think she needed to worry. Someone will step up to the plate.Us Anger Management girls stick together, that's for sure. I'm sure she will have no problem getting someone to sit in or on(oh, I wish I could think of a better pun to insert here) for her if she does not have full use of her hand soon.
That will get her moving to Physical Therapy........
Other things:
Mel-Cum is looking for someone to go camping with. Any takers? Unless, of course, you're name is "The Mayor", I, for some reason, was not invited.
Hmmmmm, not to worry, Mel-Cum,if it doesn't say Waldorf Astoria on the towels, I am so not there.
Ohio State is in the Final Four, that should make Dr. Lolita's trips to Ohio a little more enjoyable.
I MISS MY COMPUTER......Sorry I don't have time to write more entertaining posts lately, I have to do this on the work computer since my home machine was stolen. Work is not conducive to my creative thinking
I miss my Saturday afternoons watching TV while scanning the web and writing blog posts for AMG. Creeps, thank God I have my guard dog, Smokey, who Jimmy Brose, by the way, thinks was a plant, and I tend to agree with him. Smokey, the Trojan Dog.
He makes me feel so safe. Not.
How about we go to Cappy's this week. I haven't heard weather reports yet, but if it's nice, we can sit outside. If not, we will be inside. Duh.......
Have a nice week girls.
I will be having a huge party soon. It will be the social event of the spring,and you will all be invited, all of you, that is, except for Mel-Cum.


Mrs Depp said...

I am so glad the AMG women are willing to help me out if Johnny requests a left handed hand job. That takes a lot of stress off and I will be able to focus on healing.

See you at Cappy's with my new best friend "Lefty"


Oh Mrs. Depp, Hey, I got you covered! Maybe a little arm wrestling match at Cappys is in order for Johnny's prize weenie. We'll let lefty and righty decide at Cappy's See you soon! - Kathy