Friday, March 02, 2007

Two Old Dogs.

Welcome to another episode of "What was I thinking." (Insert Music here)
In this episode Through the Tubes has the "Great" idea to attend a fundraiser at the Harp and Fiddle for Animal Friends.(See previous post). She promises a good time, and Francine is thinking, gee, this could be a great way to start the season off.
Irish Bar, Irish Band, Cute picture of Irish Wolfhound on brochure.
So I notify all of the Anger Management Girls and everyone agrees, this will be fun event for our Thursday night out.
Of course, we wiggle our way into a corner and take it over (like anyone would really challenge us!)
So far so good.
We have seats, a place to put down our drinks and coats, and the music isn't so loud that we have to scream over it. The place was packed, but we managed to find a space of our own.
Except for Mrs. Arsenal, who couln't find parking, gave up and went home????
Then (imagine in slow motion now), after quite a few cheap pinks, I look across the bar and there it is. A Big old black lab lying on the floor sound asleep.
Did not give a shit who the hell was there. If you wanted to pet him, fine, but he really didn't care.
Slowly I walk over. Wake up the beast, one look. That's all it took.
One look.
I actually put down my wine (imagine that) Went to pet him and right in the middle of the bar he rolled over on his back for me to rub his stomach.
I don't even have to continue. This story is like the soaps, you only have to watch 5 minutes a week to figure out what happened.
So here I sit, Friday night.
Not wanting to leave MY NEW DOG SMOKEY. (Pictured above)
I brought him home and he plopped himself down in front of the fire place and I on the couch. We both knew we weren't going anywhere anytime soon.
I feel set up.
Did I really think I could go to a fundraiser for an animal shelter and not come home with a dog?
Come on girls, why didn't someone stop me. (AGAIN)
So there you have it.
I am the proud owner of a new "old dog" named Smokey.
I can't wait till the weather gets nice and we can sit on the porch and watch people walk their dogs. (He's lazy, like me)
Once I heard his story, I was really in hook, line and sinker.
He is 9 years old and his family lost their home in forclosure. They had to move into an apartment and they couldn't bring the dog.
The poor thing in probably thinking "Where did everybody go?"
So short of me giving these people money to get their house back. I am going to take great care of their dog.
I guess I better get the weeks worth of newspapers off the other side of my bed so Smokey will have room to sleep with me.
And you know what's great? Two things.
1. We are two old dogs who found each other. And neither of us wants to learn new tricks.
2. My house is finally feeling like a "Home"again.

Mrs. Depp and Mel-Cum, eat you're heart out (just joking) Have you guys started looking west of the Mississippi yet? I think you looked at every dog in the east.

Where to go next week? I don't know yet, can we please just go somewhere where I don't have to bring something home?????????????


Betsy said...

If he can do a little shuffle you may have just found Sammy, not Smokey, and the Rat Pack is on its way. Now for a pet Deano was his namo!

cupcakes said...

hey, good one and such a great story; you know mine was yes go visit the vet, pretend you don't care even if they might be sick and 2 weeks later bring them home and watch them beat the crap out of each other on a daily basis. free entertainment, kind of; not dogs but kitties for those who do not know. now one cat is Bruno, close enough to Deano?? maybe we can now have ocean's 15 or something too. i love your story and know exactly how you feel about it being home, too. no early working next week, count me in wherever...

ms. arsenal said...

I should have thought to call the Mayor for an "anger" escort to the pub as I drove in circles - avoiding one-way streets in the mother scolded me..."where there is a will...there is a parking space!" She is on to me - I believe that if I am not sitting in my NHL throne..the Pens wil lose and I will be responsible! Tune in next week -
Will Francine leave Smokey alone for anger management? She could turn on the fire and we could do a couple martini buckets? BYOB as in bucket?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Eileen. He looks like a nice dog!!!