Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Things That Make Me Angry

Do I really need to comment on the picture to your right. (Note: It's on my right.)

Don't have anything to talk about today. Can you believe it? My life is that boring. Figured I'd just mention a few thing that piss me off. Not that they will be news to anyone. I seem to make no secret of my distaste toward certain elements of the population. I am working on that, promise.

So that's the first thing I'm pissed off about. Being too judgemental. I'll work on that, ok, I said, I will work on that, geeze.

Next, this weather. Jesus Christ, (I can say that, Lent is over). I am so sick and tired of looking through my piles of winter clothes for something to wear. They are all wrinkled and stuff, then you have to iron something. By this time, I am another half hour late meeting Through the Tubes. So when the weather gets nice, I will no longer have an excuse to be late, ha, ha. Thank God for the hot flashes, they keep me warm.(the only thing keeping me warm these days)

Work. I am tired of working. I am ready to retire. Move into a condo big enough for one. (clue: kids gotta go.)

Housework. I am tired of cleaning up after people. (Again, kids gotta go)

Did I mention Kids?

Sorry to be so boring today girls, I have to get to work and don't have alot of time.

Tomorrow we are going to Sunnyledge (Fifth and Wilkins) for phase one of Mel-Cum's 60th Birthday celebration.(Think she's pissed off about that?)

Phase two is at her house on Friday.

See you all tomorrow around 8.

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