Monday, April 16, 2007

No Anger Management This Thursday

This week I am headed to "Our Nation's Capital" so I will not be attending Anger Management on Thursday.
If one of the Deputy Mayors want to take over, feel free. But listen chicks, don't let the power go to your head. I am back in power the minute I return.
Did we decide on Friday that Mrs. Depp is Deputy Mayor instead of Through the Tubes? I sort of remember a conversation at Mel-Cum's birthday celebration about Through the Tubes and her unwillingness to go anywhere by herself. It does not constitute good leadership qualities.I could be wrong, but sorry Kath, you're out.(I have been known to remember things that didn't happen after quite a few jello shots, so correct me if I'm wrong.)
Anyway, I will be out of town, so don't talk about me when I am not here to defend myself..........
See you all next week.


Mrs Depp said...

Same evening and a different recollection. Tequila will do that.

The final point after many alternatives was Through the Tubes and I were going to stick together and remain as the Dynamic Duo of Deputy Mayors.

Have a great visit in DC and don't forget to tell Maureen she is amazing. She got the million dollar question twice in the last month.

Mrs. Depp said...

The Mayor is going to DC and leaves Through the Tubes and Mrs Depp to pick the spot for this weeks AMG. It is not that there are not a thousand choices of where to go or we are indecisive or caught in a wicked power struggle to out do one another. It is that no one can do it better than the Mayor and we find ourselves unworthy to proceed and have cracked under the strain of magnification brought on by the tequila shots at Melcum b-day bash.

Don't worry we will seek counseling and the Mayor will be back next week. If you would like to send words of encouragement to us to do better next time, please post them on the blog.