Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Baaack.................

Geeze, thank God I didn't meet a rich handsome senator who swept me off my feet, wanted to marry me and give me all his money if I stayed in DC. You guys would certainly be in trouble now, wouldn't you? What would one do on a Thursday night without the mayor? I know, I am giving myself way too much credit here, but please girls, humor me, I don't ask for much.
One thing is certain, productivity and attendance on Friday's would certainly go up in all of your work places. Don't you think?

I had a great time in "Our Nation's Capital". I truly love it there and wonder why I left. Oh yeah, I met my Prince Charming while in Pittsburgh over the New Years' holiday in 1983. He swept me off my feet and in a few shorts months, I went from living the single, fun life in DC, to a married housewife in Pittsburgh. I gave up my promising career as an analyst in the Civil Rights Div of the FBI to chase kids around the block for the next twenty- some years. Then he goes and drops dead on me, not that I'm bitter or anything.

I love writing these blog posts because when I type in the first few words, I never know where I'm heading.I just babble and you guys have to listen. Sorry. Not that anyone pays much attention anyhow. I have my own captive audience, or so I like to think.

But anyways, DC was fun. The first cousin and I drove down Thursday night. Friday, we went to the spy museum. Right up my alley. Then we went to lunch at the rooftop of the Washington Hotel. If you guys are ever in DC, on a nice night, go there. Its DC's best kept secret. It's on 15th and Pennsylvania and has a spectacular view of the whole city.
Friday night we went to my nieces restaurant and had a spectacular dinner. Still can't get over DC prices though.
Saturday I had to work all day, which was a bummer, because the weather was absolutely beautiful. But went to Old Town on Saturday night for dinner which was nice.
Went home for early bedtime because we were leaving early in the am. Was in a sound sleep when the police came to the door. Which brings me to another funny story.
I stayed at my nieces home in a transitional neighborhood (Don't know why Mrs. Pussy Kats thought my using that word was funny)
She has a beautiful home in Columbia Heights.
The house has an alarm system (Which all of you know, is not my thing)
She gave me the code and told me how to deactivate it when I came back in the house.
So we go in the house and I suddenly remember, shit, the code. I dig through my purse, furiously looking for the 4 little numbers that I have exactly 45 seconds to punch in.
Found it,
too late.
Piercing noise.
I put the the code in and the screeching finally stopped.
Go to bed.
Thinking I put out that fire.
Around 30 minutes later, I hear someone at the door.
I wake up and look down the steps. I see flash lights and am thinking, maybe that's Elisabeth, she must have a light on her key chain.
Then someone yells, is anyone home?
I go to the second floor window.
It's the police.
So first cousin and I head down the steps in our PJ's.
There are two uniformed DC police officers in the hallway.
Turns out that in all my haste to get to the alarm turned off. We went to bed and left the front door not only unlocked, but WIDE OPEN.
I am sure they had a good laugh back at the station. Two country bumkins from Pittsburgh sure to get murdered in the big city.
The officers asked for ID.
Being the smart ass that I was, couldn't resist thinking: "what do you think we are, the sleeping bandits,
we just go from house to house and sleep until the alarms go off and move onto the next one?
That was dumb, plus, what if there was an intruder in the house, 30 minutes later the police show up.
I guess that's why I don't have an alarm, just a ferocous guard dog named Smokey...............
That's that, I am back now and after fighting the flu all week I am ready for a night out tomorrow.
How about Silky's on Liberty Avenue. If it's nice out, we can
sit outside.
So there you have it, see you all tomorrow at Silky's, around 8.

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