Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Perfect Spring Days

Not that I love showing my age or anything, but I have been out of college going on 30 years.
For 30 some years, it never fails. On the first perfect day of spring I still get the urge to drag my sofa out onto the front porch, buy a keg of beer.
blow off work and have a party in the middle of the afternoon.
Does anyone else get that feeling?
I usually spend a good part of the day on the phone calling my old college roommates.
They feel the same way.
We finally figured out why. Having gone to school in Erie. Perfect days were few and far between which made them so memorable. So when they happened, we took full advantage of it. (Not that we needed an excuse).
One of our patients is a professor at Pitt . She said only 8 students showed up for her class yesterday.
Aah, to be young and irresponsible again, if only for one perfect afternoon.
Hopefully I will still have this feeling when it's been 60 years.
What a great time.

Note: I guess its not a coincidence that my parents used to tell me that college was the most expensive good time I'll ever have. As you can see, it got me really far in life. Boy, were they right.
AFTERTHOUGHT: This also makes me nostalgic for the clothes (ie,Sizes)I was wearing at that time: Levi's, (28w-34L), Boys size Med Lacoste Shitrt, doc sides, and my roommate Cheerio's size 10 blue corduroy blazer. Christ, even my shoe size went up two sizes.

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