Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Lizzy!

OK Girls, this isn't really all that hard. Just click on PLAY above and get a message.
Oh, I know. You all are starting to shake. Get out the phones. Call me. Asking me what the hell this is. I probably have two, maybe three e-mails already.
Come on girls, I have faith. You CAN get the picture to move.
Put the glasses on, it will help. Finished digging for glasses in purse????


That was for your enjoyment only. That, and I should be cleaning, but just like finals week in college.(Which would be coming up if this week if I remember correctly) I'm finding anything to do but what I'm supposed to be doing, cleaning. Some things never change, even after 34 years. Did I say 34 years? Holy mackerel, 34 years ago I was a freshman at good old Mercyhurst College. My whole life in front of me. Full of ambition. HA! I can't believe I was ambitious. Maybe I wasn't. (That would account for me not remembering if I was or not) That, and my mother, Good ol' Harriet, telling me College was the most expensive good time I ever had! So, no I guess I wasn't that ambitious. Fun, definitely fun, but not overly ambitious.
Oh, I know, I had ambitious confused with adventurous. Now THAT I was! Still am, as a matter of fact.

Speaking of adventurous, this week we will be celebrating Lizzy's Birthday. She choose Silky's in Bloomfield on Liberty Avenue.
Lizzy's last name is Pascarella. You know what that means. Be there, or be dead to her!!!! 8:00.
Lizzy this is for you: Click on arrow below.

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin or Sto Lat! 100 More Years!

Damn Lizzy,your mother was right. Those Polish girls were the smartest, weren't they? Just ask Ski(aka Lubarski),or Mary Grace Dulski,Lee Ann Bartoczewicz,Linda Nowicki,any of the Lewandowski girls or boys or the Cygnarowicz'. I could go on and on.....

Damn,I finished this too fast, I guess now I have to start cleaning! Where's Hazel when you need her..........Hey does any one want to hear any Polish Christmas carols? I know some, really I do.

OK,ok, I'll clean.

But someday I'll write a post about my Polish girl friends. The "Girls of Holy Family"
Hell, I could write a book.
Geniusz, no doggie!!


Anonymous said...

there you go!!!

Judi said...

Happy Birthday Lizzy!
Loved the "fool the rich bitch" story! Who was Dan's boss at the Food Gallery? (I might have to tell on him....that's why I'm asking...)
No cousin's in-laws were part owners and another cousin managed it...
I used to shop there all the time on my lunch hour. Never could understand why they were thought to be so "hi-end" and was JUST a grocery store! Maybe because they had a cute butcher....8-)
Enjoy Lizzie's birthday!