Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's All In My Head?????

I look lovely, don't I? Talk about an unflattering picture for Christs sake. My son took this while lying on the floor. Don't ever let me hear any of you complain I put unflattering pictures of you all here. Let it now be known, I do it to myself too!

I am so miserable I can't stand it. The brain thing continues. Now they have me wearing these electrode things glued to my head that are connected to a monitor that I have to carry around my shoulder.
Here's the thing, I keep leaving my purse where ever I go because I think it is on my shoulder. It is not. It's that damn monitor.
I don't know where they put my hair. It doesn't seem to be on my head. They glue these electrode things on with airplane glue. Yes, airplane glue. I don't know why. But I imagine it's not going to be fun taking them off.
I had to leave work because people were looking at me like I had some incurable disease. So I come home and try to sleep. This damn thing is so uncomfortable, I can't get it out of the way to go to sleep.
Have I bitched enough yet?

So as they were putting these things on my head this morning, the FBI Agent who was shot this morning was there also. The place was buzzing with action. Agents everywhere. Employees were trying to whisper as not to alarm the other patients. They weren't doing a very good job of being discrete.
I guess I should buck up. That poor, poor agent had a wife and three year old. He was just doing his job and was an asset to his community and this country. It doesn't sound like the man who they were serving the warrant to and the wife who apparently shot him were much of an asset to anyone. He was serving a warrant to a low life drug dealer. For that, he lost his life. I guess we shouldn't take anything for granted.

In another lifetime, when I was at the FBI, my boss left to become head of the DEA. I briefly thought of going with him. I talked to a few agents. Got talked out of it pretty fast. Things have changed in Law Enforcement considerably since I left, but at that time, the DEA was probably the most dangerous. So I stayed in my safe FBI office.
Now, it's a different world out there. Although I loved it and truly miss it, I wouldn't want to be on the streets today with any Law Enforcement Agency. Years ago, it was a cardinal rule on the street-- never shoot a cop.
Today, they'll shoot you without a second thought. There's an all around disrespect for any life. They don't really care who you are.
Then there's the whole gun thing. This woman shouldn't have had a loaded gun handy. But that's a whole other sermon.

And to think, I'm here complaining about things being glued to my head. Sorry.
See you all tomorrow! Hopefully I will be all back to normal.
Whatever "normal" is.

On a whole different note, life just won't be the same for the thousands of loyal Burg Blog readers. It's funny that while no one knew her identity, we certainly knew her views on just about everything. Her take on all things Pittsburgh will certainly be missed. I don't read many blogs, but checking with Pitt Girl had become part of my daily routine. Hopefully she will ride into the sunset with one or all of her "self united" husbands!
Good-bye PittGirl. Sniff, sniff. I'm sure we'll be reading you in the future.( Although we may not know it.) And that's church.


Ms. B. said...

I am so sorry you are going through all this. That glue is a PITA (pain in the a_ _ ). They use acetone or fingernail polish remover to take them off. It is stinky. I get those when I have sleep studies. How long will you need to spot that new sexy look? You might want to check and see if you have acquired any new super powers when they remove it. Maybe you could be on the show HEROES?
Happy Turkey Day!

Judi said...

Oh my! You do look....ah...hmmm.....interesting. Glad to hear you haven't lost your sense of humor!
Are you going to AMG night like that?I should come for dinner....I'm allowed liquids.
Good luck with the brain wave stuff. It does not look like fun at all. BTW....normalcy is overrated.

Judi said...

Yeah, I'm okay. Just got a little overLapbanded....!
Yes, someday we'll all look back on this and it will all seem funny. But, until then....this girl's got a HUNGRY heart!
Have a great weekend!

Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...


Judi said...

Your question of WHEN DO I SLEEP? It's a mystery to me as well...
No wonder Starbuck's remains in business...!
There's not enough hours in a day for what needs to happen in my happens when it happens. Add that to night sweats, racing thoughts and stress and Carmen's snoring and I'm not too fond of trying to get to sleep and there's usually not a chance in hell that I'll stay asleep! So...might was well do the dishes or laundry or blog or scrub a floor or grocery shop or clean out a cupboard or read or watch Sex In The City. Yes, those are the things I do late into the night....instead of sleep! And, let's not forget....I'm a very early riser....lots to do, lots to do!
So, that should explain....well....I'm not sure what it explains but it should explain!