Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah Palin won't hesitate to run for president in 2012 if it's God's will...

Oh really? God's will?
Oh. God. Help. Us.
Keep talking girl. I hope you talk for four more years. Keep showing us just what kind of person you are. Show us whats really in your head----hot air.

Love it.
As long as she keeps talking, we're safe, people.

"I think the economic collapse had a heckuva lot more to do with the campaign's collapse than me personally,"
Uh, it might have, but you put the nail in the coffin.

"I did not know that it would be as brutal a ride as it turned out to be," she said.
What kind of ride did you think it would be actually? Same as trying to win 900 votes for mayor? Boy, it's really cut throat up there in Alaska, they even reelect a convicted felon for cryin out loud.

"The New York stylists who were already there and already orchestrating what the wardrobe should look like. Just like they have people to figure out what the staging and the lighting and everything else, the wardrobe, I guess, was a part of that."
You guess???? You guess????? Well, why the heck didn't you just ask God for the answer. Hey, when is that tag sale? She keeps talking about the convention clothes. Read between the lines. She's talking about three days worth of clothes. She does not mention returning tour clothes.

She really reached out to the feminists also last night when she said that they have to quit being narrow-minded and listen to what she has to say.
WHICH IS NOTHING, by the way. Geeze, don't ya just hate it that those there feminists n'at are so friggin' narrow-minded? Gawwwdddd, that gets on my last nerve.

So not much else is new. Winky is still babbling away. Full of hot air. And we will continue to be grateful every time she opens her mouth. All of us in the lower 48who don't have brain freezes anyway.
Can't wait till she has a press conference for 20 minutes this weekend. 20 Minutes????? That should be a riot.

Funny afterthought: We were watching McCain's concession speech on TV on election night. When he said he wanted to thank Sarah Palin, the whole place yelled, "So do we." Funny.
Also, I tend to believe these "reports" about her. One telling sign, when her and McCain left hotel the day after election day, McCain secretly got into his car and drove himself home. Her? She went by 10 car motorcade.
Someone just said she was optunistic, that's an understatment if I ever heard one!

And finally, I want to leave you with some wisdom from Margaret and Helen

Folks, I may not be here next time so I want you to remember this. You really should strive for a Presidential nominee who is smarter than you… someone who understands you but doesn’t necessarily need to have a beer with you. Strive for a Renaisance man… someone who knows that Walt Whitman wasn’t a guy who made chocolate candy. And a good rule of thumb from this point forward: someone who fully understands that the Flintstones isn’t a documentary.

So lets all pray to our God that Sarah Palin keeps on talkin' and keeps on winkin' because smart finally won!

See you all Thursday.

And for the record, I am not writing this in my parent's basement. However, I am in my PJ's.

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Judi said...

Honestly, girl....you otta write a column or a book or something....!
You, Margaret & Helen!!!!
love it!