Sunday, November 02, 2008

While We're On The Subject Of Empty Heads-- Part II

So yesterday was our annual Pub Crawl for the LAOH. Yes, I am extremely hung over. The Old Grey Mare ain't what she used to be, that's for sure.
Anyway, after 25 rum and cokes politics came up. Imagine that! Me, talking politics.
I started talking to a group of people that I've never met before. I don't know who brought them or what their connection was to the LAOH. But they were hands down the most dim-whitted people I've ever met. ALL AT ONE TABLE. Wow.
The girl pictured here, with her 1989 hairdo, ripped t-shirt to show cleavage, (nice flashdance touch) and all the gold. Groovy. She actually said to me "Ewww, your voting for that N****R.
I know, I know,can you believe it? I am so appalled. I really am. I can't believe that in this day and age there are people that will say that out loud. The rest of the people at the special needs table were real proud of her. And told ME I was un-American.
Birds of a feather flock together.
This stupid, stupid woman made me physically sick. My son saw the look of horror on my face and just grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away.
Unbelievable. Just totally unbelievable and in this day and age totally unacceptable.I should have known better than to start talking to someone who was wearing white jeans in November. Really, what was I thinking?

I'm hoping if any of you reading this knows who she is, please forward this to her. I would love for her to know that her secret is out. All of the Internets are hereby notified. This is what stupid white trash looks like......

Late Edition: I just remembered something. While talking to the Mensa's at this table, one of them actually said that he wished Bush could run for a third term. He thinks he's one of our greatest presidents.
I know, I know. When I quit laughing I looked at him strangely and said "Soooo you're one of that 9%. I've never met one of you and often wonder just who the heck these people are that they talk about that view Bush favorably." Now I know. And they certainly are everything I thought they would be.

Here's a group picture of the pub crawl. Except for that small group, everyone else was great fun. The girl in the green to my left is another one in the Mensa group.

I'm going back to bed now. Good night. I feel better now having outed these people as the racist idiots that they are.

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Judi said...

Never, I a woman wearing white jeans in November. No matter how many rum and cokes you consume. Can't even imagine how the good ole LAOH allowed her to participate with the white jeans thing (well...and that entire 80's look!). You got me wondering...what did the shoes look like? I'm betting wooden platform sandals or strappy black satin stihlettos from her cousin's wedding???? Well,she needs more than my new best pal Christopher to help her out! She needs a good smacking by someone (your restraint was honorable!). Although I'm duly impressed that her lipstick seems to be in tact during a pub crawl, I'm horrified that those same lips utter such trailer trashese. Did she really think you were taking her pix because you thought she looked good? I don't know who she is and I don't imagine I'd like to find out. Wonder what bar she will be going to drown her sorrows tomorrow night? And, gee...wonder what she will wear? matter. She just needs to stay on her side of the tracks...
Sounds like fun if it weren't for the McCainaic Bimbos! Hope you're feeling much better today...
Anyway...the Earkle thing. So, you're thinking my jeans were too high? Well, I'm working on it....