Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Complicated Relationship

I found this photo on the Post Gazette web site. The couple in the picture is my nephew, the Madonna's son, Jeffrey Andrew David and his fiance Kristy. Born and raised in the DC area, he is a die-hard Capitol fan. Kristy was born and raised in the Burg so of course she feels the same about her Penguins. They have been traveling back and forth from DC to Pittsburgh for all the games.
While walking hand in hand to tonight's game, a few DC reporters caught them and they were interviewed on a DC TV station.

Poor Jeff, we had fun with him throughout the series.
The last text messages we sent each other.
Me: Whose cryin' now?
Jeff: You are uninvited to my wedding
Me: I don't need you, Kristy will invite me!

Sorry Jeff, we still love you. You can put the Ovechkin shirt away and start wearing that Pens shirt I bought you for Christmas!



Judi said...

E....thanks for the sweet note! These dads of ours! My sisters and I were saying pretty much the same as you....except that my father has 3 wives waiting for him in heaven! Yes, that man loves women (thank God he had 3 daughters!) I am not sure if that would get him there quicker or if that's why he is holding on so hard to stay here. God knows what those 3 women have been talking about all these years and what they have in store for him when he gets there!
Thanks for keeping the humor....
P.S. The other day when I asked Vince to go to my dad's when I could not get hold of him....Vince said "I don't want to be the one to find him and I am sure he doesn't want me to be the one to find him either!" Yes, my son the almost DOCTOR!

Judi said...

P.S.S. Love the pix! Too funny! I guess true love trumps hockey love...

zelzee said...

I was just at a wedding reception this weekend........not a guy in the room. (Even the groom - can we say 'trouble' in this marriage!). They were at the bar rooting for our Penguins!!!!

Scoop Murphy said...


Somebody wins....
Somebody loses....

But it was right here in our conjoined back yards!!!!

Judi said...

You ask: What if we get there and think "can we just go home now?"
I say: Go directly to the bar. That'll fix it
Listen, here's the thing--if you are missing Bruce coming to town (cause you're doing the plumber in Jersey)then I say you gotta make it worth it. No matter how many trips to the bar it takes.
On second thought....carry a bottle with you.
You're single, you're sassy and you need to go to Jersey with the plumber. Go forth and be single and sassy with the plumber in Jersey...

Onward! Judi

Judi said...

P.S. Who is the plumber?
P.S.S. and why are you going to Jersey with him?

;-) ;-)