Monday, May 04, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

As the daughter of the man who taught Bobby Knight the proper technique for throwing a chair, it suddenly all makes sense.
Anger is hereditary. I should'a had an inkling.

If I had to prove this theory, I would mention the time that my father had a record 12 technicals in one game. When he was kicked out of the game, he took my sister (who was about one or two years old), set her in the center of the basketball court and told the refs she wasn't moving until they let him back in the game.
The Madonna, being the Madonna, did just as she was told and sat in her pretty dress, center court....... at least until they threw the whole family out of the building!

Dear ol' Dad. I bet he was really proud when I drove my car up over the sidewalk to knock over tables in the Strip because some jerk was....well....being a jerk.

The whole episode led to Anger Management Thursdays. Now that is a good story, and one of these days, hopefully I'll tell it on this here blog in a way that won't lose something in translation.

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Judi said...

Yeah, you better tell that story! So....I'm guessing your house was not the site of the break-in and hold up on Alder Street! Whew!!!
Love the Dad-Madonna story!!