Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Two Cents (for what it's worth)

Some stuff in the news the last few days that deserves/demands my commentary.

How about the guy from Grove City who did porn movies to pay his way through college? Oh, how I wish he would have gotten away with it. Not only were they porn movies, they were gay porn movies.

He was two weeks away from graduation when someone saw it and spread the word quickly through the college.

So much for the whole thou shall not judge thing I guess.

I just have one question. The person who found him, what the hell were they doing on a gay porn site?


We all know where I stand on health insurance. But after I read this in last week's Post Gazette, I was left thinking WTF?

The article talks about how the job market is affecting recent college grads leaving them uninsured. OK so far.

But then I read the comment from one recent grad from Point Park University. She says" she's "horrified" at the prospect of having no job and no health insurance. She wants to work but says she may have to look at graduate school instead.
"I would do that only for the health insurance, which is a sad reality," she said"

So let me get this straight. Is she saying she will pay upwards of $20,000 for graduate school just for the health insurance? She is a college graduate, did she ever figure out that being young and healthy she could purchase her own insurance for about $100.00 a month?

These kids are clueless. Mine included!

Which brings me to my lovely angels.

We were going to Cranberry (Timbuktu) for a graduation party Saturday. I asked my son to look up directions on mapquest. He starts then says he can't finish because it gives him three choices and he doesn't know which Cranberry I want. One was in Butler County, one in Bucks County, one in some other far away place I can't remember.

Seriously people. I said to him you don't honestly know which one. He said no. My 24 year old did not know Cranberry was in Butler County. He told me he doesn't know where Butler County is.

I said look at ZIP codes. One was 151 the others were 190. Which does he think it is.
Again didn't have a clue.

Christ, I hate to say it, but when I was his age, I was hitch hiking through Butler County (And Bucks County too come to think of it!)

Oh well. I guess I have only myself to blame.

Does anyone else want to waterboard Dick Chenney? What an appropriate first name.
Please Dick, run away.

How about these Pen games? Holy hell. My heart can't take much more. They are now referring to Ovechkn as "Oven Chicken". Funny. Get it? His name is looks like someone is texting oven chicken.

Anger Management Girls are going to the Pirate game this Thursday, so I'm guessing lots of stories for next week!

Last but certainly not least, look closely at the picture below. To the front right of the red van. Some idiot woman is riding a bike through Shadyside this morning during the height of rush hour with HER KID ATTACHED on one of those wagon thingees on the back of the bike. This is child abuse. Pure and simple. CYS should take that child just as they would take away a child from parents who send their child to play in traffic.
Come on lady, have a little common sense for cryin' out loud!!!!
This reminds me of something Miss California would do!

Some poor soul will end up hitting the kid and his life will be ruined just because some nut didn't have enought common sense to know not to take their kid on a bike ride through inner city streets at rush hour.


zelzee said...

Truly, my kids couldn't even navigate around town for the longest time after getting their drivers license..............
needless to say, I was questioning how they would ever know what direction to take in life.

They were long years..........

Jasmine said...

hmm, the popular shirt around here says "you can't spell Crosby without sob or cry". It has been a good run and I will be rooting my team on tonight down at the phone booth...

Go Caps!!