Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And The Sign Says........

So the rest of the world thinks our exit signs are stupid.

According to this article, some in the international community want everyone to use an international sign for exiting.

Here's the thing, if I was going to China, before I went, I would learn all emergency signals that I thought were relevant. If you see the same thing in Chinese over every single door in China....well, lets just say it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what it means.

So for all of you who think it's stupid, comon' now, it's really not that hard to figure out a big, red sign with the same four letters next to every single public door in the country. My kids knew what EXIT meant at a very early age. But then again, they are genius'!

Now myself, I'm not that smart. I really have a hard time looking at pictures and immediately knowing what they mean.

Take the signs below. WTF are they talking about?

How about this? Beware of pigeons maybe?

I think we could all use our imagination and figure out what this means.

Have no idea here folks. But by the time I figured it out, I'm betting it would be too late.

But here is my fav

Now that is a sign we all can all understand.


Judi said...

And the sign says LONG HAIRED FREAKY PEOPLE NEED NOT APPLY...but they didn't say anything about GREEN HAIRED IRISH GIRLS....
Hope to see you tomorrow!!!


Judi said...

Hey Eileen....
Missed seeing you on Saturday!
As far as sending your boys my guest. We need some stand-in grandkids for my dad (he's moving in with my sister.....oh boy!)
I'm so sorry for being much a whiner about missing the kids...I know I will get used to it to the point that when and if they do come home, I'll wish for these days!!