Monday, March 22, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor!

Most of us Burgers either have had a family member who had to leave home way back when or we ourselves have had to leave this great city for greener pastures and employment opportunities elsewhere.
My first brush with this phenomenon came in late December 1970 or 71 when The Madonna packed up her 32 pairs of brown shoes and headed to "our nations capital." Her story was sort of different though. She really didn't have a job like most people, but she listened to that Ruth who wronged her and MADE her move. Hard to believe I know, but true.
Eight or so years later, I followed her......And that was Ruth's fault also. A few years later I came to my senses and moved back to my beloved Pittsburgh. Causing myself to be the butt of many non-Pittsburghers jokes. (That's alright, Harriet just told me to tell them "Jealousy will get you nowhere!")

Anyways.........why I mention all this is because I have just read over at That's Church about a movie Carl Kurlander did about his move back home to Pittsburgh after years in LA. People in the entertainment industry thought he was crazy. Even Oprah replied "Pittsburgh, really?!" when she was interviewing him on her show and he told her he longed to move back home, hmmmph.What does she know anyway? Of course us Pittsburghers know what the rest of the world is just starting to realize.

So if you get a chance, you have to check out this movie.

When the trailer played "Won't you be my neighbor" being sung by Pittsburghers in LA and NY,it got me weepy eyed already.

A few famous Burgers:
Nellie Blye
Andrew Carnegie
Rachel Carson
Mary Cassatt
Roberto Clemente
Annie Dillard
George W. G. Ferris
Stephen Foster
Henry Clay Frick
Martha Graham
Franco Harris
H. J. Heinz
Senator H. J. Heinz III
Henry Hornbostel
Cy Hungerford
Edgar Kaufmann
Michael Keaton
Gene Kelly
Kathryn Kuhlman
Samuel P. Langley
David Lawrence
Danny Marino
Bill Mazeroski
Andrew Mellon
Danny Murtaugh
Fred Rogers
Jonas Salk
Bruno Sammartino
Thomas Starzl
Gertrude Stein
Honus Wagner
Andy Warhol
George Westinghouse
August Wilson and my favorite David Conrad who is pictures with me above. He lives in Pittsburgh when he's not shooting Ghost Wisperer. He really is our neighbor!
Go check out the movie.

* I bet you all thought this post was going to be about health care didn't you??Don't worry it's coming.

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Judi said...

First of all---you look GORGEOUS in that pix! missed 2 famous Pittsburghers--YOU AND I!
I think you're famous...don't you think I am??