Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm Glad It's You

Right before Tom Hanks shoots Paul Newman in one of my favorite movies, "Road to Perdition" Newman, knowing he's about to be killed turns and looks at Hanks and says "I'm glad it's you."

That's what I feel about Sidney Crosby getting the winning goal to beat the United States in yesterday's Olympic hockey game. If we had to lose, well then I'm glad it was him who beat us.

Sid, I'm glad it's you.

*Just one thought, what was with the Canadian fans booing US team as they were leaving the ice? That wasn't cool. There is no booing at the Olympics.

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Lisa E said...

I agree, that I was glad it was Sid. Funny, two minutes ago I was just asking hubby how he felt about people being mad at Cosby because he had the winning goal. As a Pittsburger, I am happy for Sid!