Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Ok, truth be told, I hate New Years Eve. I really do. The only good thing ever to come out of this day is that I met my husband on New Years Eve 1983. The following New Years we rang in at home in our first little house on Dunkeld Way as Mr and Mrs. D'Amico. We started our long tradition of just staying home on New Years.
I just always hated all the "what are you doing?" stuff. Why do you feel like a loser if you just want to stay home?
Anyway, for years we just stayed home and invited anyone over who didn't have babysitters to ring in the New Year with us. We always had a house full.

So Happy New Year to all of you.

Looking back at my blogging year, I started to wonder what my favorite post of the past year would be? I liked this one. Then I liked this one. And then there were the whole Sarah Palin series.My hatred for her fueled a few months of posts. So I guess they are like kids. You don't really have a favorite, but you like all of them the same for different reasons.

Any of you have a favorite? One that got your blood boiling? Made your heart melt? (I know, I usually have that affect on people) Let me know.


Judi said...

Happy New Year!
I don't think I always hated New Year's Eve....just lately! Mostly because I have a huge family dinner (complete with crystal and china and all that jazz) on New Year's Day. One that I can't get out of (long word...ITALIAN). I think by the time I get to this side of the holidays, I'm way too cranky to be nice about anything....
Well, I just love your blog so it's really tough to pick a fav. Your style and wit coupled with your stories about life and love and family are my kind of thing. You know...I always find myself talking about something you wrote about in your blog. So, you're upping my interesting chit-chat quotient! As for my favorite? Let me think about this. But, I have to tell you...your Sarah Palin stuff were gems. Not only were they great and lots fun but they were really fuel for thought. You definitely makes a huge impact on me, gives me lots of laughs and brings me closer to God...
Keep it up!
Happy New Year from your almost-50 blogger friend!

Judi said...

OMG Eileen! You certainly do have big changes planned for 2009! Where are you going? I am pretty sure you are not becoming a suburb girl! Can't wait to read and hear all about your new adventures!
You must blog more (for me, please!)
Maybe I should just buy your house so I can be closer to work....and further away from my family....;-)