Monday, January 19, 2009

I Got The Ticket!!!!


Anonymous said...

SO Jealous !!! MUST take lots of Pics !

Ms. B. said...

Have fun!
Stay WARM!

Judi said...

OMG you bitch! You are one wild woman! I can't believe it! I know someone going to the Inauguration! Wow!
What will you wear to the ball?
Sure hope your fairy Godmother is there!
Yes, take lots of pix!
I'll look for you on TV!
I am so fucking impressed.....!

Kelley said...

I will be watching out for you on TV. Wave to me OK?


Kathy said...

How exciting!! Enjoy your time in this piece of history.


Judi said...

I had a dream.....! Yes, I did. And you were in it with Margaret and Helen! The three of you were on the steps of the capitol at the inauguration! I was so excited to see the 3 of you together! The Holy Trinity!
Hope you are having a grand old time!