Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams.......Not!

What's with the crazy dreams I'm having, huh? Last night I had a crazy dream that this man was still Pope and I was getting my picture taken with him while he was blessing me. Wonder what that's all about????? Geeze, I got to get off the junk!

By the way, I took this picture last year while visiting the Vatican for my Big 50! What the hell did I eat that last night that would make me dream about a 14th Century Pope?????


Judi said...

Ah, the dreams we aging Catholic women have! At least you were being blessed in your dream! Imagine how you'd be feeling today if you had ANOTHER type of dream about you and our Holy Father!
My guess is that you just needed an extra blessing....after an AMG Thursday night!
So tonight...pray that you dream about another guy (your pick!).
Happy Weekend!

Ms. B. said...

Me thinks you covet his ensemble.
You'd look good in that keller, hon.