Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Praise The Lord, Pass The Ammunition. Part II or III

Grrrrr. I just read this article that the ACLU is claiming that Roman Catholic bishops are wrongly imposing their religious beliefs on victims of human trafficking by prohibiting grant money to be used for emergency contraception, condoms and abortion care.
According to Sr. Mary Ann Walsh "We will continue to provide those services in the contract that are consistent with our belief in the life and dignity of the human person."
I think our belief are the operative words here. Sorry Sister, but your belief may not be the same beliefs held by the poor people you are trying to help. Haven't they been through enough? We'll just send all those there little ol' babies over to your house to raise. OK?

And since we're talking about woman being held as human slaves, lets not even get into the dignity thing here.


Anonymous said...

AMEN Girl Tell em !!!

Irishembi said...

GAH! Sometimes I wonder how I still call myself Catholic when I'm just so conflicted about so many things they do in the name of our religion. It makes my brain hurt. It would make that nun's brain hurt, except she doesn't appear to actually OWN one......