Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talk About Hugs And Kisses!!

So I think I've written about my nephew, Jeffrey Andrew David before. You know, the rock star. I brag about him to anyone who will listen.

Well, Jeff is "The Madonna's" first born. He was born on my 21st Birthday. Which happened to be the same day Pope John Paul II became Pope. October 16, 1978. He is my first nephew and also my godchild. So it's not like he's the favorite or anything. He has that same quality his mother has. Golden Child Syndrome. Bits knows what I'm talking about. Every family has one. The Madonna happened to be ours. So Bits and I have to live our lives knowing we'll always be second. Just like my cousin George!

Sigh....anyway, Jeff got engaged over the weekend. Maybe I'm just prejudiced but I have never seen two people so happy. I really haven't. When they are together, it's like no one else is in the room with them.

So it's been sort of an emotional weekend. While I am so happy for the two of them, I am so sorry my mother didn't live to see it. Oh my, no one would have even tried getting through on that phone line. I could hear her now. "Oh Babe, wait till you see the ring. Oh Babe, she is so sweet. Oh Babe, she's so gorgeous. Oh Babe, my Jeffrey Andrew David, I can't believe he's old enough to be getting married. Oh my Babe, what am I going to wear?"

A few hours later she would be saying "Oh Pats, wait till you see the ring, oh Pats, she is so sweet, oh Pats........"

The whole fun thing about all of this. Jeff was born and raised in Maryland. He met Kristy at work. They live in College Park, Maryland. But Kristy is from Pittsburgh.

They are looking at houses in Lawrenceville, of all places. A few short blocks from where my mom grew up. She would be so, so thrilled Jeff is finally moving to Pittsburgh.

God, I wish she were alive to see it.

I honestly believe that mom found Kristy for her Jeff. Anyone who knew my mom knew her grandkids were the most important thing in her life. Jeff was the apple of her eye. She never gave up getting him or Bits (Queen Elisabeth) closer to her up here in Pittsburgh. Even from her grave..... Harriet always gets her way!

So congratulations Jeff and Kristy. Not to rush things or anything, but look how gorgeous both of them are. Can you imagine how beautiful their kids will be. Wow.

Psst. Let's not mention to Kristy just how crazy our family really is, 'kay? "Don't let on." We don't want to scare to poor thing away.

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