Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Post That Should Have Been About Peas And Carrots.

I did an about face tonight. I originally had planned a post about the elderly woman who asked me to help her find DelMonte peas and carrots at the supermarket. It's a funny story.

I came up to bed with my trusty computer. Turned on the tv. Channel surfed. Don't ask me why, but after a few flicks I came upon Fox. Ugh!!!!

Are these people for real?????

I pray to MY GOD that Sean Hannity(does he remind anyone else of the "whose on first" comedy routine?) loses his job and has to apply for health benefits plus looses his house.(Not to mention rot in hell. think that's a little harsh?)

I'm just going to rant here. Sorry. Here goes........

The deficit? W (aka Republican) ran the deficit so high that it equals ALL PREVIOUS 42 PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

So much for small government. Yeah, those Republicans. So fiscally responsible.

So here's the thing. Its been stated here many times, I am a reformed Republican. I know, I know. What the fuck was I thinking? WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?

It took tragic events in my life for me to see the light. Really. It did.

My husband provided for his family our whole married life. I was basically a stay at home mom. We had wonderful health benefits, including vision, dental and $1.00 prescriptions.

When I went into premature labor with Devin, the pharmacist told me I was damn lucky I had the insurance I did because the pills were $90.00 for 10. I had to take them for two months every four hours. You do the math. Plus were talking 22 years ago. Just thank God we had insurance. What if we hadn't? Was my Devin from Heaven's life worth less than someone who had insurance. I think anyone who has met him knows he is a gift from God.

Fast forward 20 years. Husband drops dead. Wife no longer has insurance. Wife has masters degree, but since wife stayed home to raise kids, degree is pretty much worthless. Wife goes back to work. Wife works for dentist office but has to purchase own insurance. Wife applies for health insurance. Wife denied insurance.
REASON: History of depression.
Wife says: WTF, history of depression??????

Turns out after husband dropped dead in kitchen, wife just happened to have Dr. appt. about a month later. Started crying in Dr. office after Dr. asked me how I was doing. So Dr. gave me Prozac. With two refills. I filled the Rx . Took it for a few weeks. It got a little easier as each day went on. I was finally able to complete sentences. (notice I didn't say write complete sentences!) Never felt the need to refill Rx.

Fast, fast forward. Wife applies for health insurance. They deny me because I have a history of depression.


Moral of story: when all the Republicans talk about bailing lazy asses who don't want to work out. FUCK YOU. My husband would still be alive if he would have just taken a day off to go to the Dr.

Plus, I didn't have a high risk mortgage that I couldn't afford and shouldn't have gotten. My husband just happened to drop dead. So there went my income. Sorry. I kept up for over five years. Don't think I can do it much longer.

So before you judge all us lazy ass so called Socialists, I'm probably 99% sure that my husband worked harder than most all of you. And it's a damn shame he was worth more dead than alive.

So all of you who are against the whole nationalized health insurance. Please, please rethink. Most of you work for a corporation. You have never had to worry. They just insure you and you have no worries.

In this economy, what happens when you loose that corporate job? Or if your company makes you purchase your own insurance.


So when you talk against Obama's stimulus package. And you say "I work hard and it's not my problem that these people are in trouble." Remember "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

I'll tell you about the peas and carrots lady another time. I promise.

*Next day: Just remembered I wrote this late last night. Gee, I sounded a little more pissed off than usual. I think I'll get Fox (Faux)News blocked from my TV. Rum and Fox and late night blogging are not a good mix for me. Sorry.


Irishembi said...

BRAVO! I truly don't understand why socialized medicine freaks everyone out so badly. Well, I get why it freaks out the insurance companies of course. But for everyday "Joe the Plumbers" I just don't get it.

Growing up I can remember hearing awful things about the socialized medical system in Europe. But I swear that impression was put out by doctors and insurance companies.

My best friend married an Englishman and has lived near Cambridge for several years now and she's a HUGE fan.

In fact, maternity benefits are so poor here, it's ridiculous. There is no mandated paid maternity leave whatsoever.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say, I'm married to the same man Eileen. He's a roofer that cannot afford to take a day off to go to the doctor. And we're going broke trying to pay for eyeglasses and dentists because we have no coverage.

Judi said...

Whoa....and I just came here to tell you that I am hurt that you don't remember that YES I do go to the parade with Kate and to tell you that you've met me each year when I see you at the parade with Kate...
But, I don't have the heart to tell you that I'm hurt.....after reading this....I realize you don't need to feel bad about anything else!
Thank God for those martinis I had tonight. BTW....there are only a few bartenders who can make a decent martini...tonight was not a good martini night...
Also...I probably won't wear the shoes to the parade....
Let's hear about peas and carrots now....

Kristi said...


I've just stumbled across your blog by reading the comment you left for Margaret and Helen (aren't they fabulous?!)

Now that I've found you, I intend to keep reading. And, I mean that.


Kelly said...

I was reading Helen and Margaret when I came across this blog. Well said!!! You are in a position that many are in and I applaud you for showing another side to the story! Many are quick with the accusations and name calling without even stopping to THINK! Walk a mile in someone else s shoes!!! Thank you for sharing your shoes. Bravo!!!!