Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working On A Dream

Last night I had a dream I was dreaming. Isn't that weird?
In the dream I was sleeping at my parents empty home; I was dreaming about their dining room set. And I woke up (in the dream) and told my brother that I know mummy's china closet isn't in the dining room but I had a dream that it was. In the dreams dream I woke up walked down the steps and leaned on the china closet and then went back upstairs and woke up and told my brother about the dream. And then I woke up. For real woke up. Really.

Does anyone have a bookie friend to get a number on that? Whats the number to play if you dream of dreaming? Or dream of a china closet? Or dream of a empty house? Or dream of your brother? Oh, the possibilities are endless. I'll be rich! Or broke from playing too many numbers.

I wish my Nana were alive. She would certainly be looking up that dream for a good number. She was always looking for good numbers to play.

If my mom were still with us, I'm sure she would ask the girls at the beauty parlor. They always had the number books. One time she had a dream about something I can't remember but they told her to play 215. She did. They all did. And they all hit.I swear. Maybe I should call Ruth and Frans Beauty Salon. Is that still open?
If not, I guess a psychiatrist will do.


Anonymous said...

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Judi said...

OMG....where we raised in the same family or what?
You do not need a psychiatrist. A bookie and a mother--yes. That's all a girl needs to get through life....