Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kiss My Fat Irish Ass

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, John McCain, et al. KISS MY FAT ASS. And I'm not talking about a size 8 ass here people. I'm talking about a size 18 Ass(OK 20 on a bad day).

Ya know,the first two, I can just shrug my shoulder and say par for the course. BUT
I just can't believe John McCain didn't stick up for his daughter Meghan. If someone said something about my kids......I would shove that microphone where the sun don't shine.

This pissed me off and I don't even like the bitch.
I just think she has bad taste in clothes. She wears things that don't flatter her. But hey, what she wears is her business.

Geeze, we should all be so unlucky to have that size 8 fat ass!

Megan should tell the skinny bitch Laura what my mother always told me:

The closer to the bone,
The sweeter the meat.
But who in the hell wants Sugar Diabetes!


Joanne (A J) said...

I found you in Irishembi's "Because I said so" and I gotta tell you... I agree 100%... Love your blog!!

Judi said...

Okay, Ms. FBI! You are too funny!
Actually, I sort of figured out THE UNIVERSE has to be someone I know. And, I "traced" it to a Pittsburgh poster. I think I might just play along and see where it goes. But, I love it that you're going all FBI on them!
As for the Meghan McCain-Laura Ingram thing....OMG.....!

Gramiam said...

Well, I'm not Irish or a Steeler's fan. Actually, I'm A Phoenix,AZ resident and a proud Cardinals fan! However, I am Catholic and my mission in life right now is to unseat McCain next year. All novenas for my intention are welcome. At the moment my favorite pastime is to watch Sarah Palin slowly implode.

I love your blog and will be back again. See you next year at the Superbowl. I'll be wearing Cardinal red. You can't miss me. I'm the one with the Heinz 57 Fat Ass!!