Monday, March 23, 2009

Some People Have A Good UNDER STANDING!

This is for my friend Judi over at Stories From The Road. Saw this sign on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield and immediately thought of her. Gee, I wonder why?
It should say "Shoes since 1959." I don't think the picture shoes how big the sign is. It's the whole side of a building.

Speaking of feat (of a different kind). How about those Panthers? Man have they been lucky so far! The A team better show up soon.
Was reading an article on DeJuan Blair. To put in perspective how good he actually is, he is a REAL sophomore. (no prep schools before college like alot of others) He is still only 19 for cryin' our loud. Plus, he made All American as a real sophomore.
The part I like the best. He choose to live at home. He is from Pittsburgh. Went to Schenley High School.(A few short blocks from Pitt)Did not want to live in dorms.
You always hear about the bad jocks. He seems like one of the good guys.

Get the title? A good understanding. Get it. Feet. Standing.
Yet another Harrietism. When I used to complain about having big feet. She used to tell me "thats ok honey. You just have a good UNDER STANDING!Just like your mother."


Judi said...

Another reason to go to Bloomfield (besides the sausage and ravioli!)....I have to get my pix taken there! Could you white wash those letters before I say 1959?????
I like Hariett....!

Ms. B. said...

PITT !!!!!!!!!!!

Your mom always had a good comment.
Aren't we lucky having role models who broke the molds?