Saturday, March 28, 2009

Would This Be Considered A Mortal Or Venial Sin?

Let me just start by saying I'm a Catholic. You would never know it by the language I use here sometimes. But really, I am. Come on, don't you all remember that I used to dress up like a nun and play mass in my back yard? 18 Years of Catholic schools. Grade School, High School, Under Grad, Grad. All Catholic. All Mercy Nuns. (Judi, can I borrow your crown?)

One of the best moments in my life was being on the alter with the Pope in Rome, holding my mother's rosaries. I could have seen the "real" Pope (as Ski refers to him)in 1979, but left DC to go to Erie because I didn't want to fight the crowds. Whole other story.

So I'm not a catholic brasher here. Or a priest brasher for that matter. This is not about that.

A few weeks back I read an article in the Post Gazette about the Bishops Mansion being for sale. Now, I know this house. My uncle was Cardinal Wright's personal secretary in the early
60's. Some of my cousins were baptized there. We used to run around and play there as kids.

But as soon as I started the article, I got more than a little peeved. Did anyone else?

The first line says "After a decade of working with Cardinal John Wright in Vatican City, Bishop Donald Wuerl developed an appreciation for fine art, Oriental Rugs and antiques." It goes on to say that the 2.5. Million price tag on the house reflects those tastes.

I should have quit reading right then and there.

All I have to say is thank you Bishop Wuerl for closing my church during your time here as Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. Gathering a pile of rugs, fine arts and antiques were apparently more important to you than keeping open a 150 year old historical landmark church. You are right where you belong. You will fit right in with all the others in Washington D.C.

God bless Bishop Zubik At least he walks the walk.

One more thing, a friend works in real estate and showed the house. She wondered, as did I, why would a Bishop need a wet bar in the bedroom with two easy chairs?
Just askin'.

And don't even get me started about the Pope's comments that condoms will not stop the spread of AIDS in Africa. Uh yeah, right.

Oh well, I better get started on those Corporal Act Of Mercy before it's too late!


Judi said...

Sure....I'll photoshop the tiara in! Hey...I just love your perfect habit....very nice!
On our street growing up, there are only 2 Catholic families---us and my grandparents. So, we didn't play church or Catholic School....we played some game called "Sacrifice"....made up by a Methodist girl (who reads my blog!). It think it was sexual in nature...we had to wear bling-bling earrings in our belly buttons. I can't recall the rest of the game...I'll have to ask her. Yeah, well, what can I was Dormont! BTW--there is not a Catholic Church in Dormont (still isn't)
As for the Bishop's is certainly a gorgeous place. And, I have to praise Zubick for not living there. It's so excessive....
So, yeah...I never thought about it in terms of how opulent it was against the backdrop of beloved churches closing. Leave it to you to give me food for thought and a good topic of dinner conversation with my dad tonight...
You made a great nun!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

I didn't know anyone who wasn't catholic until I was about 21.

Funny, I would have been so lonley in your neighborhood. I don't think we would have been allowed to play with someone who wasn't catholic. Let alone if there parents were divorced. Oh, my. My mother would have been saying Novena's nonstop for their souls.